It has been some busy times for us.  I am taking on some new challenges at work including training on the Generational Characteristics and how this affects the workplace. It is very interesting subject matter and I am enjoying the thought-provoking classes I am teaching.  I am off today for three days in Oklahoma, some will be spent teaching and some spent as the student in Finance Excellence classes.  I am traveling without a coat from 70 degree Houston.  I have already been warned about the weather in Bartlesville.  Oh well!

Lauren took a pretty bad fall from Feather a few weeks ago at Dev’s.  Her back pain, in particular, has not resolved.  She saw the orthopedic surgeon who has pretty much been on speed dial with this family handling my broken pelvis, my mom’s knees, Ally’s broken arm and Lauren’s myriad of horse related accidents.  Dr. Chau never forgets to remind us that he was the attending physician on the grounds when Christopher Reeve (Superman) had his horrible accident.  He is not a huge horse enthusiast.

Lauren has seen him multiple times following falls from Mickey for her knees.  We have failed to follow up with his suggestions for MRIs of both legs.  Denial!  Moments into her visit last week, Dr. Chau had already focused on her knees again.  Apparently, they are not getting better.  Additionally, he was concerned about some tearing and/or rupturing in her lower spine.

Lauren had three MRIs last week.  I regret that I am out of town as I know Dr. Chau has given her a lot of information and it might be confusing and overwhelming.  Essentially she has torn cartilage  in both knees and a ruptured disc in her back.  He has always been conservative and is recommending physical therapy.  He is concerned about rheumatoid arthritis so she will have some lab work done as well.

I am just hoping she gets more comfortable and stays out of surgery.

It is Mickey’s birthday today.  He is 16.  While he has been personally responsible for a lot of the wear and tear on Lauren’s body, he has been her partner in her equestrian career for much of her life.  Happy Birthday, Mickey, I am very grateful to you!



My horse, Bruno, had surgery to cure an infection in his hoof, almost seven months ago. I had my fourth surgery to repair rotator cuff tears, three months ago.

I was scheduled today for an MRI with dye injected into the joint. I got to the imaging center in a pretty fair state of mind. I was actually more concerned about the money I was spending than I was the procedure. Then I got called to the x-ray room where they explained the procedure. I have had this done before and remembered needles in my shoulder, but I did not remember it as a bad time. However, I really remember child birth pretty favorably so there you go.

As she started to tell me about the needle and moving it against the bone and moving the needle again, I was almost sick. I asked her to quit talking. She told me I still had to sign the waiver. I said, okay, just no more talking. I almost left. Really. It went through my brain, that I would just have to come do it again, so I stayed.

My ability to tolerate pain is diminished. Both my shoulders hurt. I have been trying to swim and can’t. Ditto, lifting much of anything. I wish I had never had surgery on my left shoulder at all. It hurt before, but it worked. Not now. I am sure (I see doc tomorrow) that my right shoulder is completely torn, again. I am just as sure he will tell me I need immediate surgery or it will be unrepairable.

I don’t care! I just cannot do it again so soon or perhaps ever. Maybe I will have reduced use of my shoulders but can not take it again.

In this happy mood, I got home to an empty house. Okay, there were seven dogs but no Lauren. She had left a note.

She had cooked a turkey breast (peace offering). The dogs needed to be fed. Horses were fed. Then the all-star news of the day! Bruno was REALLY lame and needed to be stalled for the night. Lauren had started meds.

I don’t even know if it is the same hoof, but we can assume so. What now? I am just at a giving up point. Totally.

I hope that means better news is in store for us soon. I just hope.