About Me

I am a mother, a grandmother, until her passing, I was a caregiver to my elderly mother, a horse enthusiast,  a horse rider, a horseshow mom to my daughter, a horse, dog, cat owner and run a small boarding facility with my daughter.  That’s in my spare time. I am also a fulltime office worker which is pretty important because it allows me the financial freedom to pursue my dreams.



Piper and I on her first morning.

Piper and I on her first morning.

I am a life-long horse lover.  While I have been a rider for most of my life I have always loved being a writer as well.  This is my crazy story of my day-to-day exploits of being an executive horse lover.  Ride along.



If you have just happened on to my blog and are interested in a particular topic or two I have tried to categorize the posts into the following areas:


  • Horse Stories (listed under the horse’s name)
  • Family Life
  • Grandkids
  • Guest bloggers
  • Horses
  • Life on the Farm
  • Losing my Mother-the advancement of Alzheimer’s
  • The dogs of Six Meadow Farm
  • The horses of Six Meadow Farm

On the right side of the home page if you click on any of those categories, you will get most of what has been written about Feather or Bruno or whatever. It is a good place to catch up with the details of what horses I have or what kind of dogs I own. I was really good in the beginning about staying with a standard format but as horses and dogs have joined my life, I have just written about the events as they occurred. I thank you for you interest!

9 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thank you. I absolutely love the ability to share our writings, our lives through the blogs. I appreciate your nomination. I just read some of your posts and enjoyed your perspective and the great videos. I will follow up with the nomination stuff. What a great way to get us all reading more!

  1. Do you still have Leo? I rescued him off the track and had him for several years. When my husband joined the Marine Corps, I had to give him away. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do and something I regret every day! I gave him to a friend in Texas, but then lost track of him. He is so very special and I miss him everyday! I was so excited to find him and see how wonderful he looks. He is the one that got away. Would you ever part with him? I hope to he’s from you! Thank you.

    • I am so sorry to tell you that I no longer have him. He was not happy in the trailer and did want to be a jumper in his next career. I gave him to some acquaintances and will give you their email. I know they have since given him away as well but hopefully they can tell you where he is.
      He had the gentlest soul and we enjoyed him so much. I will get back with you soon when I find that email.
      I feel you will be able to track him down.

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