My horse, Bruno, had surgery to cure an infection in his hoof, almost seven months ago. I had my fourth surgery to repair rotator cuff tears, three months ago.

I was scheduled today for an MRI with dye injected into the joint. I got to the imaging center in a pretty fair state of mind. I was actually more concerned about the money I was spending than I was the procedure. Then I got called to the x-ray room where they explained the procedure. I have had this done before and remembered needles in my shoulder, but I did not remember it as a bad time. However, I really remember child birth pretty favorably so there you go.

As she started to tell me about the needle and moving it against the bone and moving the needle again, I was almost sick. I asked her to quit talking. She told me I still had to sign the waiver. I said, okay, just no more talking. I almost left. Really. It went through my brain, that I would just have to come do it again, so I stayed.

My ability to tolerate pain is diminished. Both my shoulders hurt. I have been trying to swim and can’t. Ditto, lifting much of anything. I wish I had never had surgery on my left shoulder at all. It hurt before, but it worked. Not now. I am sure (I see doc tomorrow) that my right shoulder is completely torn, again. I am just as sure he will tell me I need immediate surgery or it will be unrepairable.

I don’t care! I just cannot do it again so soon or perhaps ever. Maybe I will have reduced use of my shoulders but can not take it again.

In this happy mood, I got home to an empty house. Okay, there were seven dogs but no Lauren. She had left a note.

She had cooked a turkey breast (peace offering). The dogs needed to be fed. Horses were fed. Then the all-star news of the day! Bruno was REALLY lame and needed to be stalled for the night. Lauren had started meds.

I don’t even know if it is the same hoof, but we can assume so. What now? I am just at a giving up point. Totally.

I hope that means better news is in store for us soon. I just hope.

8 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder three years last November. Have had problems with both shoulders for 30 or so years. Finally had enough of the pain and did the “freshest injury.” Excellent doctor–arrogant little twerp, but he knew his stuff. I’m like you, however.Enough.

    As for Bruno, if I can make a suggestion: Perhaps he should enjoy turnout where you can “control the mayhem”–a round pen, preferably on a lunge line. After his surgery and recovery, “concussion” is not your friend.

    • I would like to control his concussion, but it is very hard. Lunging him, as he is so big, makes him circle too tight and get hurt. Each moment he stays in, makes him crazier to get out. Remember we did FIVE months of stall rest. It will get better, or it won’t. But I so appreciate my Bruno support team!

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  2. Actually agree on limit of turnout, except he needs the movement to stimulate the frog, to stimulate blood flow, to get growth. Cindy, hugs. I am so sad to hear ow much pain you are in. I cant say I lame you for being anti-surgery. You are far stronger woman then I.

    On Bruno. You have done your best. You have gone above and beyond. Maybe step back, deep breath, and treat Bruno like a horse. Get his feet done, properly, angles, length of toe, and let time work its magic. You got amazing growth in his hoof, quick! Maybe the insides will just take a bit longer. Hugs. I pray for you a lot!

      • Yes, you have Feather, whom you have had to work our butts off to get her trust, and that athletic ability from! I am proud of that. I believe there are amazing things ahead for you guys. I pray Bruno starts going sound soon. Its so hard, to have something so fancy, so athletic, doing nada! Just plug along. Eventually, a good time comes along! I believe things happen the way they do for a reason….and the harder we push against that, the more we can set it off kilter. Really proud of you! Keep being tough!

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