No worries-Be Happy

Signifying how far away everything was from this strip of sand I stood upon.

Signifying how far away everything was from this strip of sand I stood upon.

Out on the seas away from phones, Internet, Facebook and demands of life, I can step back a bit and relax. In fact on this last day at sea, I have sequestered myself in my tiny room. I have been here mostly in the dark, with light from my IPad reading the new Coburn novel and trying to stay calm.

Television, CNN out of Atlanta,has been telling horrific stories of the rain in Houston. We do not know what we will come home to find. We had service long enough in Mexico to learn the farm had been hit hard again with several inches of rain. The electricity which also runs the water well in rural areas had been off for hours when we reached our farm-sitter, Libby. She has definitely gotten to experience the overwhelming responsibilities of running a horse farm in the worst of situations.

The television stories of destruction and death are cycling through the news reports. I shudder each time I hear the story anew of the washed away death of the cheerleader/prom queen/treasured daughter. I hear the reporters say that theses events only occur every 500 or 1000 years, and yet they have hit all these places at once. I do not understand.


I have seen nothing but blue skies and tropical sun for the last four days. I think I just sat on a primitive beach with the softest sand I have ever encountered facing the most brilliant sea I have ever seen. I have been blessed to run my toes through the sand of a lot of the world’s best beaches but yesterday in the remote far side of Cozumel was incredible.

Powered white sand beaches,   a tiny building with only a generator to keep the lights on and the drinks flowing

Powered white sand beaches, a tiny building with only a generator to keep the lights on and the drinks flowing

Hard to believe cars and homes are floating away at home. We arrive early tomorrow and will be off in the first wave of passengers. I have two more vacation days ahead but have established a long list of must-do work items for both Thursday and Friday.

I hear my new mare is lame with a swollen ankle. I hope to God it is not serious. I hope it was not a snake bite garnered in the deep, wet grasses of the lower pasture. I hope the flooding was minimal and the electricity is powering through the lines

Others are planning and booking their next cruise. I will not leave home again for a long while. I have enjoyed the diversion but am ready to take up the fight again. As I lie here, my stomach and chest are clinched in anxiety. So much I need to do and so much I cannot control.

As this last day ends on the high seas I will pack my things and prepare to disembark in the morning. For now I will read a little longer, say prayers for those who have lost so much in these horrible floods and give thanks for this time with my family.

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

Several more inches of rain fell this afternoon.

Several more inches of rain fell this afternoon.

I have lost count of the number of days we have had.  Definitely double digits of days past, each with rain, thunder and lightning.  Perched as we are upon the sandy bluff above the Bravos River, it has taken a lot to effect us. Just as the days of rain are now measured in double digits (maybe 18 days maybe 22) the inches that have fallen from the dark skies can also be measured in the same double digits.  Five inches the first day.  Then it was three more the next day.  Day after day rain of biblical proportions has fallen.  Each day I am hopeful that the rain is over.

My girls decided that I needed a vacation so we are getting out-of-town for a few days.  It has been two years since I left town for fun.  I am looking forward to spending time with Lauren, Ally’s family and the her in-laws but am understandably concerned about leaving the farm.  Especially leaving the farm when the forecast continues to be full of rain forecasts.

Piper, Jordyn’s pony, is out on trial.  Piper has turned into a pretty quick little pony and hope Kendall who is to be her new mom, can deal with her.  We are down a few more horses due to recent sales so it at least is not so overwhelmingly full right now.

I continue to enjoy my new paint mare, Nova Mae.  She and I are getting stronger together.  My legs are not the legs of Cindy the rider of long ago.  But I feel with practice I will be able to live up to my horse’s expectations.  She is a little weak at the trot and needs to continue to build up endurance and muscle.  But she is just doing great and I think I have finally found that perfect horse I was looking for!

I hope all of you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.  May God watch over all of those that have gone before us and served this company so well.

The rain has done good things for my flowers.

The rain has done good things for my flowers.


We’re Pregnant! In foal! Having a baby!

Blonder Reflection aka Fargo

Blonder Reflection aka Fargo

Yippee!  Indications are that the insemination of my RPSI German mare, Fargo, was successful.  We will check her again in three weeks.  I think Fargo is a lovely mare, standing about 16 hands.

Fargo showing off her pretty trot in the pasture.

Fargo showing off her pretty trot in the pasture.

Her breeding as the Oldenburg Rainbow’s granddaughter coupled with her strong sire Blonder Hans whose strengths are wonderful elasticity and impulsion with a brilliant  jumping career should be a fine fit with the Flagmount genes we know and love so well from our own mare Feather.

Fargo's sire Blonder Hans

Fargo’s sire Blonder Hans

Fargo has had some lovely babies in the past and we sure hope to have another next March. Personally, I am hoping that Fargo as a Palomino from a Palomino sire from a Palomino grandsire coupled with her Oldenburg grand-sire’s pinto markings might create a colorful Flagmount baby.  But I do not care!  Happy, healthy and sound is the ticket.

Here are some pictures of Flagmount’s Freedom-

At 16.3, this is a big, solid boy reminiscent of his sire Flagmount King

At 16.3, this is a big, solid boy reminiscent of his sire Flagmount King

10156075_304549393030826_6348694369867436554_n 1009869_304549423030823_6408584568034055608_n

These are shots of Flag in action.  No wonder our Feather is so brave!
Truly great news to brighten the seemingly endless days of rain that we have had.  We should know if our OTTB mare TeeDee is pregnant by Flag this weekend.  What a delight that would be!  Thanks for riding along!

I regret my absence, I have been out of my mind

Happy Kona on Mother's day "helping me" with hay.

Happy Kona on Mother’s day “helping me” with hay.

I guess that title is a little too dramatic.  I do regret that I have not written.  It has been too many days.  There have been ups and downs which we will discuss, but I promise to make every effort to write at least two, hopefully three times a week.

It is over a year now since we landed in this new house, built new barns, arena, got new horses, lost some dear animals and met new friends.  Our boarding and training business (which right now is limited to training our own steeds) has grown in size and complexity.  A year ago we fed two types of feed and offered two kinds of hay. Now, seven cans of various feeds sit in our feedroom with three kinds of hay (coastal, alfalfa and timothy).

Our horses are a varied bunch with the three original rescue horses (Mickey, Cody and Snow), three ponies (Molly, Snow, Piper), three OTTBs (Hershey, TryDelta (off-site) and No Play), Two Paints (Mickey and Nova), Five warmbloods (Prosecco, Kinnaras, Betty Sue, Fargo and Feather) and one Grand Prix Dressage horse (Kinnaras).  The range in size from 13.3 hands to 17.2 hands.  You will note some horses are counted in multiple categories. Point is, it is a busy and diverse crowd.  I might be in the tack room looking for a 22-inch western girth for Piper or a 54-inch English girth for Nova.

It certainly has become more than a fulltime endeavour for us.  I have not been gone on a weekend from the farm since we moved here, except for my mother’s funeral.  Lauren does a nice job with much appreciated help from her sister Ally in managing the daily activities.  That leaves me, and often Ally, with night-time and weekend work.

Thankfully, Alex, Libby, Isabel and Jo Ann all pitch in to help out with stalls and feeding.  There is never a spare moment.  Remember too, that I have a corporate fulltime occupation with little tolerance for less than my best job performance. It makes for non-stop activity, at least for me.  Reason enough to be out of my mind, but I totally try to balance all the work, every day, every hour along with some occasional play


Lauren budgeted for five horse shows for this year.  They are expensive and we have limited funds for the big shows.  This week’s MayFest has traditionally been a great show for us. Last year, Feather made her first run at the 1.05 meter and earned three ribbons in three classes.  Mickey has always been the king of the fest winning multiple championships.

Wednesday, I headed to the arena with baby Betty Sue (who at over 14 hands is not so babyish anymore) and pony Piper to give them some play time.  Lauren was going to ride, had gotten Feather out of her stall and strapped her in the cross-ties.  I let the little ones loose and off they ran!  Feather, never being so sturdy of mind or space, immediately wanted to take off with them.  She set back in the cross-ties, rearing and slamming her face multiple time into the sharp tin of the roof.  Finally, she broke free and proceed to run to the arena with blood streaming down her face.  Like go to the vet now blood!


What you don't see-her eyelid had to be sewn back on.

What you don’t see-her eyelid had to be sewn back on.

The vets thought that Feather could still compete at the show but the swelling did not recede as fast as we hoped.  Lauren took Mickey for Alex to ride and agreed to show him for her on Friday while Alex was at school.  I had been apprehensive about this.  Mickey and Lauren have a long, dramatic history of Mickey throwing Lauren to the ground.  Mickey performs better for Alex but I was still scared.  Lauren jumped him four feet at home to show me they were great. They would only be doing the .90 meter (which is about 2’9″) at the show, what could go wrong?

Mickey was reluctant to jump the oxers from the beginning.  Lauren was in the class for the win and pushed him up to each jump, setting him up well and using her crop as needed to tell him she was serious.  At jump seven, Mickey galloped right to the base of the jump and did a sliding stop to rival any of his paint horse reining relatives. Lauren went flying through the air like a lawn dart hitting both poles with her head before stopping.  And this is why Lauren does not show Mickey any more!

A slight concussion and stiff neck later, she went and scratched Feather from the show.  I am all about pushing on, but when your horse has a face full of stitches and you have been a human lawn dart, it is time to say you will wait for the next show, thanks anyway!

Saturday, unexpectedly with no show to show in, ended up to be a fun day for Lauren, Jordyn, Kendyll and I. We took Kona and the new poodle Maui Jim with us. We went by the show and checked up on Mickey and Alex.  It was Maui’s first horse show and he was great!   We left soon after headed to the expansive George Bush Park (of course, Houston would have a George Bush Park, and the dog park is called…wait for it…The Millie Bush Park after President Bush’s cocker spaniel).  We did not go to the dog park (we kind of have that at home) we did go on a hike down to a pond and let Kona and Maui see what they thought about water.  I have never had Kona to the water although Poodles are known as water dogs.  The sign clearly said no wading, no swimming and no off-leash dogs because alligators could be nearby.

Still, I threw the stick out in the water and Kona and Maui bounded out in search of it.  Maui got out a little further than he intended and had his first swim.  He did not go back in the water.  The girls had a fun time wading on the sandy beach until we actually saw an alligator and thought it would be a good time to put everyone’s shoes back on.  I managed to fall fully in the water trying to balance on a log going over the trail.  Lauren was laughing so hard she almost dropped Kendyll.  The dogs just stared at me like I was stupid wallowing in the slime on all fours like a common dog.

Totally covered in slimey water and unable to get my feet under me and get up.

Totally covered in slimey water and unable to get my feet under me and get up.

So you can see I have a lot of reasons for insanity.  Plus it runs in my family.

Thanks for riding along!  I promise more wonderful days of action from the farm.  If you are on Facebook, look up Six Meadow Farm and see some more pictures of our place.  We have a spot for a new boarder, too!  Think how fun that would be!