Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

Several more inches of rain fell this afternoon.

Several more inches of rain fell this afternoon.

I have lost count of the number of days we have had.  Definitely double digits of days past, each with rain, thunder and lightning.  Perched as we are upon the sandy bluff above the Bravos River, it has taken a lot to effect us. Just as the days of rain are now measured in double digits (maybe 18 days maybe 22) the inches that have fallen from the dark skies can also be measured in the same double digits.  Five inches the first day.  Then it was three more the next day.  Day after day rain of biblical proportions has fallen.  Each day I am hopeful that the rain is over.

My girls decided that I needed a vacation so we are getting out-of-town for a few days.  It has been two years since I left town for fun.  I am looking forward to spending time with Lauren, Ally’s family and the her in-laws but am understandably concerned about leaving the farm.  Especially leaving the farm when the forecast continues to be full of rain forecasts.

Piper, Jordyn’s pony, is out on trial.  Piper has turned into a pretty quick little pony and hope Kendall who is to be her new mom, can deal with her.  We are down a few more horses due to recent sales so it at least is not so overwhelmingly full right now.

I continue to enjoy my new paint mare, Nova Mae.  She and I are getting stronger together.  My legs are not the legs of Cindy the rider of long ago.  But I feel with practice I will be able to live up to my horse’s expectations.  She is a little weak at the trot and needs to continue to build up endurance and muscle.  But she is just doing great and I think I have finally found that perfect horse I was looking for!

I hope all of you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.  May God watch over all of those that have gone before us and served this company so well.

The rain has done good things for my flowers.

The rain has done good things for my flowers.


2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

  1. Whoa, hope you won’t be having to build a Noah’s Ark anytime soon. 🙂 Out here in California, we’re praying for some rain and have had very little. 😦 I do so hope you enjoy your time away and try to set aside your worries about leaving the homestead. All will be well. Enjoy!! Vicki ~

  2. Nova Mae, I’m loving the name! After The Nova? You could send some of that rain up here. We had snow, and snow, and more snow, then nothing! My gardens are dusty? This is something I have never experienced. Your gardens are exquisite. I wish those big pink plants would grow in the north, but no… I hope you enjoyed your little get away, love to all, Camille

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