Colorado Family

I returned to my Colorado homeland amongst the worst storms and flooding in years. It seemed like a sign. I was looking forward to the fall splendor in the mountains and what I can see with the limited visibility is more like another Houston storm. Streets are blockaded, the entire county of Boulder is just “closed”.

I have not been here in over a year since I moved my mom back to Texas with me. I have been lucky enough to see Amber and her family several times but I have not been here. Lexi and Riley are both at the ages where they change a lot-two and four, respectively. Also, one of my last trips here, the family wolfhound suffered a horrific injury and had to be put to sleep. I had seen pictures of my new grand dog, Nellie, a female Irish wolfhound but had not met her.

Immediately, as I entered their home I was greeted by this huge, beautiful girl. I had owned a male wolfhound as had Amber, but this was our first girl. She was a wee bit shy. But she was huge! At least as big as either of our previous males, she measures almost seven feet (seriously!) from her nose to the tip of her tail. I don’t think she is done growing.

Riley with Nellie

She also has a sweet, calm, loving demeanor. No matter if the kids were crawling over her or rolling along on our rain soaked walk, she was a champ. I saw a year’s worth of photos of the dog! It was wonderful.

The sun is starting to peek through, Lexi, Amber and I have all had pedicures, and I am looking forward to a couple of nice days with my Colorado family.

with my grand dogs Bailey and Nellie

Up and down at the Farm

Kona jogging along the hay bale wall as Lauren and I walk along.

After spending most of last week, scared and concerned for Bruno, Sunday was a little bit of a let-down from the huge emotional roller coaster we had been on.

But life had continued during our hard Bruno week. I managed to get momma’s hair, finger and toe nails done on Wednesday. It was a little difficult to maneuver her up into the big chair, her smiling face was enough thanks.

I saw the orthopedic surgeon Wednesday, too. My MRI results were much as I feared. But I will take my time, doing therapy, swimming, and trying not to use the bad arm more than I have to do.
The doc told me the rotator tear takes six months to heal. So, I am halfway through it. He told me swimming was great but not freestyle. Each time I swam, I started out doing free. Then my shoulder ached the rest of the day and night. When I swam next, I only did backstroke and breast. I easily swam my old workout. Maybe not in my old time, but using both arms every stroke. It was pretty inspiring. Just need to slow down and work what I can.

Jordyn finished up her camp at Whipple Tree, trotting along, both under saddle and bareback. Definitely a resounding success!

About a year ago, I told the story of Amber’s family losing giant Irish Wolfhound, Miller in a tragic accident. Today, their new pup, Nellie, celebrates her first birthday. Sadness grows into bright smiles over time.

Sunday, Lauren went off jet skiing with Blake. I spent some time with mom, cleaned around the barn and worked several hours on office stuff. It all went more easily with no interruptions. I got my work done and was off to bed.

Lexi when she first met Nellie. Both grew a lot this year.

Happy Birthday, Nellie!