Season’s End

The weather changed from balmy 80s to wind torn, rainy 40s in the matter of an hour. For awhile on Friday morning, it appeared we would not being heading to the final horse show of the season or anywhere else. The rain accumulated quickly, flooding our side yard. Lauren, alone at home with responsibility of loading Feather and getting her to the show was agitated and anxious. Feather did not want to load, standing ankle deep in water outside the trailer. But she did and off they went.

Abby and Jordyn, Leadline and horse buds, bundled up against the damp cold

Saturday after a visit to my mom’s, we headed to the show. This season has been remarkable for Lauren. She and Feather started their first show in the hunter ring jumping just over two feet. They have grown, matured and taken their bumps. Yesterday, Feather showed in the three foot jumpers. As they went clean through their last round, I did a double take at the clock. The winning time was 17.403 and Feather clocked in at 18.003. And I swear she looked like she was strolling around the ring. We even had commented she looked pokey. Guess not! Lauren will close out the season today.

For the second time in 15 years (and the first time I was flat on back with a broken pelvis) I am not with Lauren at a show. Two rounds of drugs later, the shingles have taken over my life. My blisters are gone but the pain continues unabated. I am beginning to wonder if I have not finally and completely destroyed my bad hip. I could not go to show and be on my feet. I know my show family will look out for Lauren. I pray God keeps her safe.

my momma and I at the home’s Thanksgiving celebration

Also, today was the Thanksgiving dinner at the nursing home. Ally came with Jordyn and Kendyll festively dressed. I do not know how Elmcroft managed to do it, but they had an excellent hot dinner for so many happy generations of people. It was a good day for my mom and all of us blessed enough to share it with her.

Jordyn loving her great grandma!

I am hoping for some good news soon that Lauren and Feather had a good day and are safely headed home. Wherever you are today, stop for a moment and give thanks for your wonderful family and dear friends. I know I did.

The weekend


Six horses are now in residence once again at Six Meadow Farm. It was a busy weekend with moving to the show grounds Friday, showing Saturday and Sunday while visiting my mom, readying the farm for Snowboy’s return, and regular weekend chores. Everything went well. I am pretty wiped out and it will be an early night tonight.

Lauren and Feather continued their progression up through the height divisions at the show. Although some six year-old horses are jumping over four feet, they have usually been in the show routine longer than the little over one year that Feather has been. Ironically, she did her first horse exactly one year this same weekend! In this one year, which started at the 2’3″ division, they have moved through multiple divisions until Sunday they showed in 2’9″-3′ foot jumpers.

Lauren and Feather doing a little sailing.

They picked ribbons in all three classes on Saturday. Dev told her it was the best she ever ridden. Sunday came, the jumps were raised. It was a tougher more aggressive group. Lauren would have to ride faster, jump higher to place. She was second out of ten in her first class. It was pretty exciting to see Feather with lots of air between her and the jump.

We were soon loading Feather in the trailer. Snow easily loaded and we were headed home. It was a rocky as we pulled in the drive. Mickey was calling Feather. All the horses were trying to figure out who was in the trailer. Bruno went nuts, bucking, spinning, running in his small enclosed paddock.

We let Snow out with Pixie first. That was a non-event. Snow faced off against Pixie. She backed off. We sent Mick and Feather out next. A little running, kicking and bucking ensued. We got everyone in at dinner and our barn was full.

from left, Snow, Pixie, Feather and Mick

Jordyn called from Denver to ask what she needed to do to get Snowney to come home. I told her keep practicing and Snowney would home soon. We are T-minus 48 hours until the reunion. I can’t wait!

Feather’s One Year Anniversary

 Friends of ours, the McMaster’s had an amazing horse, Prince,  from a Texas Irish Sport Horse stallion, Flagmount’s Freedom.  Melissa took that horse and increased his value by tenfold.  Part of it, was that the Flag horses can really jump and have amazing temperaments.  I heard that the McMaster’s had a young Flag mare in Florida that had some issues but was in my price range.  I talked to Lauren to see if she wanted to spend her money to buy this horse sight unseen.  Prince was enough for me to know that we had a good chance to own an incredible horse if we took a chance on her.  No part of the journey from Florida to Texas was easy-broken down trucks and numerous delays.  But once we saw Feather, we knew she needed to grow up some, gain some weight and learn to trust us.  You will remember major issues with this horse and trailer loading. And issues because she was just plain scared.  But it has been a year now.  I was surprised and pleased by a post on Facebook by my daughter, Lauren. It is shown below along with some special pictures commemorating Feather’s first year at Six Meadow Farm. 

Lauren Davis on Facebook–About this time last year I got news that there was a Flag baby for sale. My mom was SO excited because we knew what a great horse Prince was and thought if Feather was half the horse he is we would have gotten a deal. So I talked with Dee and got my savings out of the bank to buy my first ever “warm blood”. Dee then told me that she thought every horse had someone they were meant to be with, and …boy was she right. I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to bring this mare along and could not have found a horse that challenges me daily in the best of ways. Feather has brought back my love for riding because with her there is no pressure and with every mile stone or achievement we grow closer. This year has been a bumpy road but I would do it all over again, looking forward to a wonderful 2013 season with my Flag baby and many thanks to Dee, Melissa, and my mom because without them I would have never met this amazing horse.
Before she left Florida, young and dark grey with lots of dapples.  She had yet to grow into her head which appeared oversized for her body.

Before she left Florida, young and dark grey with lots of dapples. She had yet to grow into her head which appeared oversized for her body.

It was a series of mis-adventures that caused a simple two day haul to last five with broken down trucks and walks down the highway at midnight.  When the van finally arrived at Irish Day Farm, we rejoiced and got the first glimpse of our new horse.


One of their first rides. Feather was slow and cautious. Not what we had expected. Most young horses are hyper and little nutty.


Good jumpers learn to “bend” so you can easily adjust them through and around a jump course. It starts with the young horse and Feather was an eager learner.

The first time we jumped her, we were caught off-guard.  These barrels are a little over three foot high and Feather was easily jumping over four foot.  She is a natural and while we are taking it slow, she has not yet given us a clue as to exactly how high she can jump.  But boy, she can jump!

I have enjoyed riding her as well.  She is sensible beyond her years and has carried the our toddler friend, Miss Z, who worships her along with Jordyn for many safe rides.

I have enjoyed riding her as well. She is sensible beyond her years and has carried the our toddler friend, Miss Z, who worships her along with Jordyn for many safe rides.

Her first show, she handled it all like a pro.  She has grown into her head and developed a lovely shoulder.