Season’s End

The weather changed from balmy 80s to wind torn, rainy 40s in the matter of an hour. For awhile on Friday morning, it appeared we would not being heading to the final horse show of the season or anywhere else. The rain accumulated quickly, flooding our side yard. Lauren, alone at home with responsibility of loading Feather and getting her to the show was agitated and anxious. Feather did not want to load, standing ankle deep in water outside the trailer. But she did and off they went.

Abby and Jordyn, Leadline and horse buds, bundled up against the damp cold

Saturday after a visit to my mom’s, we headed to the show. This season has been remarkable for Lauren. She and Feather started their first show in the hunter ring jumping just over two feet. They have grown, matured and taken their bumps. Yesterday, Feather showed in the three foot jumpers. As they went clean through their last round, I did a double take at the clock. The winning time was 17.403 and Feather clocked in at 18.003. And I swear she looked like she was strolling around the ring. We even had commented she looked pokey. Guess not! Lauren will close out the season today.

For the second time in 15 years (and the first time I was flat on back with a broken pelvis) I am not with Lauren at a show. Two rounds of drugs later, the shingles have taken over my life. My blisters are gone but the pain continues unabated. I am beginning to wonder if I have not finally and completely destroyed my bad hip. I could not go to show and be on my feet. I know my show family will look out for Lauren. I pray God keeps her safe.

my momma and I at the home’s Thanksgiving celebration

Also, today was the Thanksgiving dinner at the nursing home. Ally came with Jordyn and Kendyll festively dressed. I do not know how Elmcroft managed to do it, but they had an excellent hot dinner for so many happy generations of people. It was a good day for my mom and all of us blessed enough to share it with her.

Jordyn loving her great grandma!

I am hoping for some good news soon that Lauren and Feather had a good day and are safely headed home. Wherever you are today, stop for a moment and give thanks for your wonderful family and dear friends. I know I did.

2 thoughts on “Season’s End

  1. I know you’ll let us know how Lauren and Feather did–I bet they did have a very good day. I really enjoy reading about all your adventures. You certainly have a full plate–I feel like I’m going in lebenty-seben different directions, but you run circles around us all ;o)

    • They had a pretty good day. Feather jumped the first of a combination jump really big and knocked Lauren out of the tack, down on her neck, so then Feather refused the second part of the combo. I blame Lauren-LOL. But they were second in the next class and fourth in the last so it ended on a very positive note. Feather’s head was a little swollen when she got home but she will have plenty of time to rest now.

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