My Readers, My Friends

I get surprised when I write something here, in this blog, and then have a random encounter with someone who has read it. This happened last year with Feather, a horse show, and the judge knowing her name from being a reader of the blog.

I write because as I have always said, how will I know what I think if I don’t see what I have to say? I need writing to ease out the strain, to explore the gifts I am given and express myself when sometimes I cannot in person.

This weekend at the horse show, I saw an acquaintance who I know from the horse show world, whom I am friends with on Facebook. I had seen photos from the show so knew she might be around. Still I was pleased and surprised when Liz came to visit with me in the stands on Sunday. She told me she reads all my blogs.

It was so nice to hear. I can see statistics, like how many readers saw posts on any given day, and how many posts I have published (almost 400) but these stats do not put names to the numbers or give me a clue who my audience is.

Likewise, I am surprised when something I write alarms someone. I deal with my mother and her care every day. Usually by the time I write about something, we are past it and on to something new. I was quite worried about her last week. By Sunday she was slightly better but by yesterday she was bright, charming, talking about Jim and wanting to know when he was coming to pick her up. However, meanwhile in Arizona, Jim was very worried about her based upon my blog.

I promise if there is ever a major crisis I will notify the family involved first before going on to discuss it on my blog. I apologize to Jim and Jay for worrying them but it was not the best of weeks. I am glad she is re-oriented to world.

Feather is getting along well with her stitched up face. Lauren has been showing her all year in the Greater Houston Hunter Jumper Association (GHHJA) which awards year-end achievement for each division. Lauren and Feather started out in the Pre-Green Hunters and they are currently only one point out of Reserve Champion for the year. Of course, they subsequently moved up and on to jumpers and hope to place in Junior/Adult Jumper as well. This weekend in the final show, Feather and Lauren will get back in the hunter ring to try to earn that illusive one point to push them to Reserve Champ status.

By definition, hunters are required to look pretty while jumping so the row of stitches across her cheek maybe a little bit of a problem. We have thought about some fleece but the vet is afraid the stitches will catch in it. The bridle runs directly over the stitches. She is fine to be ridden but I do not want to rub the stitches. We will see what great idea I can come up with to pad the bridle and look nice. Ideas?

My son-in-law Luke had surgery yesterday for a hernia. I remember clearly when that was an inpatient procedure. What we can put up, from a pain perspective, and what can be managed better in the hospital are two different things. Medically, did he need to be in the hospital? No, but I bet everyone would have rested better if he had been. He had a rough night. I am sure each day will get a little better for him.

My friend Sue stopped by tonight to meet Bruno for the first time. We have known each other since we boarded our horses at the same barn back when Lauren was taking her first rides on Kid. I always admired barrel racer, Sue’s work ethic. She would take on an OTTB retraining project and do wonders with the horse. It was way before anyone else had jumped on that band wagon. I admired her determination to work her horses regardless of weather. You might find her riding down the covered stall rows or on any piece of dry ground. She also would ride in shorts and paddock boots on her English saddle. Not an easy feat.

Bruno loved her and Sue couldn’t get over his huge size and amazing gentleness.

The holidays are upon us. While Lauren finishes up at the horse show this weekend, Ally, Kendyll, Jordyn and I will be at the Thanksgiving Feast at my mom’s nursing home. I am glad we can be there with her and that she is feeling better.

As always, thanks for riding along! I appreciate so many of you who are interested enough to see what we are up to at Six Meadow Farm!

Sue being dwarfed by big Bruno

patient and quietly posing with his guest of the day!

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