The Sound of a Million Dreams

Amber finishing a half marathon- first time ever!

Amber finishing a half marathon first time ever!


Exciting times, these last few days.  My oldest daughter Amber who has never run any kind of race, decided in a moment of delusion, madness or just pure stubbornness to sign up for a half marathon.  Couldn’t she have started with like a 10k?  You don’t have to be a tremendous athlete or fast runner to make a 10k, you can even walk.  But Amber set her sights on the half marathon and off she went.  She trained through one of the worst winters in Denver history.  She kept running.  Even last week, in May,  it snowed again.  You never know what you are going to get weather wise there.

But Amber is one for setting goals and keeping them.  She had a dream to run and she did- the entire way. Wow, I am so impressed and proud of her!  Just think what she could do here at sea level.

Ally spent her childhood about 45 minutes from the Disney castle in Florida.  She has wanted to take her family since Jordyn was little.  They left Friday and are having a fabulous time.

Not sure Kendyll is so impressed with the weird little man.

Not sure Kendyll is so impressed with the weird little man.

I hope they make it across to Ally’s home town and the glistening beaches of the Atlantic.  Disney makes dreams come true for many and I know it is for Ally and family.


Since off-the-track  Thoroughbred Bruno joined our family a year and a half ago, we have battled to cure a hoof infection, then get him sound enough to ride.  Once he was sound, we struggled to get him ridden with commitments Lauren already had with Feather.  Several times we talked about my daughter Ally’s friend who was an eventer coming to try Bruno.  But you know with a giant, sometimes difficult horse, it isn’t easy to trust anyone with your baby. Finally, since coming to Richmond, I knew it was time.

When Amelia got here, I offered her Mickey to ride first.  She said she was fine on Bruno. Okay,then.

First ride, learning to bend.

First ride, learning to bend.

The second ride today was really Bruno’s third day of work.  Bruno is always better after three days of work. (Lauren had ridden him yesterday.) Today, he was actually listening and trying.  It was a dream come true to see Bruno jump a few fences, bend along the lines and make me believe this big black horse might have a career after all.

It has been a time for us when a lot of dreams are coming true.  We are appreciative and gladdened.

Jump Bruno, jump!

Jump Bruno, jump!

Bend me, shape me!

Bend me, shape me!


Looking pretty perfect.

Looking pretty perfect.



Caitlyn with Ky-her partner and friend.Photo courtesy of Morgan German Photography

Caitlyn with Ky-her partner and friend.
Photo courtesy of Morgan German Photography

I want to celebrate some goals set and reached by a couple of my favorite people. Goals by definition should be attainable but require a stretch, a reach out of the norm to allow for them to come to pass. If a goal is simple, it does not mean anything once you reach it.

I have talked before and sung the praises of Lauren’s and my friend Caitlyn.  She is the one that as a youngster struggled to find her place in the world, struggled to make the world make sense, but once she started riding, it gave her motivation to try harder with everything else in her life.  My second goal achiever has much the same starting story, but we will get to that.

Caitlyn qualified for the top equestrian national finals this year in a process that requires skill, stamina, determination and seemingly being in multiple places at the same time, all while mounted on a spectacular bay horse and jumping jumps.

Caitlyn is a senior this year and has only the regret that she didn’t get to do the national finals sooner,  only that she wished she had tried sooner and harder to reach her goals.  Not a bad regret to have.  Who of us, don’t regret the passing of time and opportunities, but at least Caitlyn got to make the run at nationals one final, glorious year.  And it will pay off for her.  While it is still unclear exactly where, at what school, Caitlyn will make her NCAA debut, I am certain that she will.  She has talked to a few schools, one in particular that has already told her that they want her on their team, and who knows who else may come along and ask her to the big NCAA Collegiate Equestrian dance.  She will reach her goal (Lord willing) of being on a college equestrian team. 

So, again I say Bravo, Caitlyn!  Way to ride and way to reach your goal.  I also know Cate has a few more big things on her list of goals like riding a Grand Prix.  It is inspiring and exhilarating to watch this young woman stretch her limits and reach the big stars.

Luke, proud with his family- wife Ally and daughters Jordyn and Kendyll

Luke, proud with his family- wife Ally and daughters Jordyn and Kendyll  Photo courtesy of Memories by Elvia.

My daughter Ally was in college, it was Christmas time, and she and her new boyfriend (of just a couple of months) sat me down to tell me they were having a baby.  Not the way you dream for your daughter’s life to unfold.  I was devastated that night for the loss of Ally’s dreams (in completing school), my fear that she like I would be a single mom and mostly because neither Ally or Luke had any idea what they were getting in to with having a baby. 

Their plan was to have the baby and then see if their love was still strong enough to support a marriage.  Turned out to be a good plan.  Jordyn was born in 2007.  They were married in 2009 and had baby Kendyll this year. 

Luke is five years older than Ally.  He had an entry-level job with a big utility company.  He had never really had to work too hard at anything.  He got by.  Luke decided to make some changes in his life for family and for himself.  He put some goals on paper and committed himself to completing them. 

I watched as he progressed up the line at his job.  He was accepted into the advanced training program.  He committed to it and completed the physically and mentally difficult course with the best of his group.  Luke set some new goals.  He and Ally bought a great house after saving money sharing houses and apartments with other families.  Luke made some lifestyle changes as well.  He knew with his new responsibilities and family he had to run the straight and narrow.  And he has.

This year-2012-he set his own goal for how hard he would push himself and how hard he would work-to meet a monetary goal that was WAY out of the reach of the young man who sat across from me at Christmas six years ago.

Certainly, Ally has supported the goals of this man who is her husband in caring for the family and being alone more times than she would have liked but knowing that her family would reap benefits from the time her husband was working.  Most of this year has been spent with Luke working nights and missing out on family dinners and the lively evenings with his two adorable daughters.  It is been a hard year.

Tonight we surprised Luke at a local steakhouse to celebrate him bursting past his annual goal with some of 2012 still left to go.  He made a goal to support his family, he put a number to that goal and he worked literally sometimes night and day to achieve it.  I did not know the man who would be my first grand baby’s father would ever even be my daughter’s husband, much less that I would grow to love and respect him.  I applaud his goal setting, his hard work and his love for his family. 

To Caitlyn and Luke, keep setting the goals, keep reaching high and thank you for letting me be a part of your journey.