The Sound of a Million Dreams

Amber finishing a half marathon- first time ever!

Amber finishing a half marathon first time ever!


Exciting times, these last few days.  My oldest daughter Amber who has never run any kind of race, decided in a moment of delusion, madness or just pure stubbornness to sign up for a half marathon.  Couldn’t she have started with like a 10k?  You don’t have to be a tremendous athlete or fast runner to make a 10k, you can even walk.  But Amber set her sights on the half marathon and off she went.  She trained through one of the worst winters in Denver history.  She kept running.  Even last week, in May,  it snowed again.  You never know what you are going to get weather wise there.

But Amber is one for setting goals and keeping them.  She had a dream to run and she did- the entire way. Wow, I am so impressed and proud of her!  Just think what she could do here at sea level.

Ally spent her childhood about 45 minutes from the Disney castle in Florida.  She has wanted to take her family since Jordyn was little.  They left Friday and are having a fabulous time.

Not sure Kendyll is so impressed with the weird little man.

Not sure Kendyll is so impressed with the weird little man.

I hope they make it across to Ally’s home town and the glistening beaches of the Atlantic.  Disney makes dreams come true for many and I know it is for Ally and family.


Since off-the-track  Thoroughbred Bruno joined our family a year and a half ago, we have battled to cure a hoof infection, then get him sound enough to ride.  Once he was sound, we struggled to get him ridden with commitments Lauren already had with Feather.  Several times we talked about my daughter Ally’s friend who was an eventer coming to try Bruno.  But you know with a giant, sometimes difficult horse, it isn’t easy to trust anyone with your baby. Finally, since coming to Richmond, I knew it was time.

When Amelia got here, I offered her Mickey to ride first.  She said she was fine on Bruno. Okay,then.

First ride, learning to bend.

First ride, learning to bend.

The second ride today was really Bruno’s third day of work.  Bruno is always better after three days of work. (Lauren had ridden him yesterday.) Today, he was actually listening and trying.  It was a dream come true to see Bruno jump a few fences, bend along the lines and make me believe this big black horse might have a career after all.

It has been a time for us when a lot of dreams are coming true.  We are appreciative and gladdened.

Jump Bruno, jump!

Jump Bruno, jump!

Bend me, shape me!

Bend me, shape me!


Looking pretty perfect.

Looking pretty perfect.


2 thoughts on “The Sound of a Million Dreams

  1. Hi! I was doing a search online to research standard poodles and saw your adorable pics of Kona! He is a cutie! I am interested in adding some standard poodles to our family and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your experiences?

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