Exceeding Your Reach

A photo from Lauren’s recent trip to tropical Malaysia

I certainly have felt this before with Amber and Ally as they have made their way through life.  I am proud of them, their families and their accomplishments. It is that moment as a parent or a grandparent that you see your family member meet or exceed what your accomplishments have been.  It is certainly a moment for introspection.

These are little examples in my life not like the proud families watching their child’s head to Olympics or achieve medals but moments indeed.

I grew up as the daughter of a United Airlines executive.  We traveled frequently and to many places.  I have enjoyed traveling to many countries.  But never have I boarded a plane for many hours to head to Asia.  The fact that my “rather stay home” daughter did so was remarkable to me.  Her album on Facebook of her trip shows modern cities and high rises juxtapositioned amongst jungles, monkeys and secluded beaches.


Lauren and Mia barefoot on the wobbling sky bridge looming high over the jungle floor. 

While Lauren is still recovering from her 20 hour return flight I can tell by her comments to others how the wonder, strangeness and exotic power of travel has changed her.  She will be richer all her life for this opportunity to see how others live and what her country  offers her in every day life.

  Many stairs head to the beautiful waterfalls

Super exotic and ultra-modern

My child has now ventured almost around the world. Certainly exceeding what I thought was well-traveled for me and mine.  And that she flew home alone, negotiating a plane change in Taipei makes it even more wild.  I will never think of Lauren the same again.  Many, many thanks to the wonderful Kuchner  family for making this opportunity a reality! We are forever indebted.



Jordyn on Mickey and I am on Feather with Nancy guiding us along



Taking a dressage lesson with my granddaughter-what a thrill!
Again, in the category of exceeding my reach is my eight year-old granddaughter Jordyn saddling up with me to take dressage lessons together.  Jordyn has been pining away with desire to join the grown up dressage lessons that take place a couple of times a week at my barn with dressage master, Nancy Lindsey.

Jordyn, through her summer with working student camp, days and days spent at the farm and on horseback was ready for a few new steps to her riding repertoire.  Also, with our usual dressage rider Jo Ann out-of-town, Nancy could focus on Jordyn and not  slow the group down.

I was interestingly effected by the addition of my granddaughter to my lesson.  I have ridden all my life but just recently started learning the nuances of dressage.  I am a beginner in many ways just like Jordyn

As we made our twenty meter circle and worked on leg yielding in and out, there was something special and captivating about having my granddaughter there to share it with me.  I really don’t remember ever taking lessons with my kids.  I was either way better than them or they were way better than I.  But we were never at the same place at the same time.  While I can out ride Jordyn for sure, in these new tasks we were equals and she was even better than I.

The best part?  Jordyn was overcome with JOY to be part of this lesson.  Her smile never wavered and her enthusiam never stopped. An hour later,  I was out of breath in the corner as Nancy took Jordyn and Mick through one more serpentine.  With the 117 degree heat index, it was all quite remarkable. Jordyn told me, “She works you hard, huh, Granny?” She does indeed!


Nancy giving Jordyn some words of wisdom

It was a new step for both of us and one that I think both of us equally treasured.  Hurrah, for the little blessings of life.


Thanks for riding along!

Fourteen Days

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 9.06.34 AM

Fourteen days of camp have come and gone.  Actually, for Mia and Isabel it has been 21 days of camp.  That is lot of time.  Honestly, I don’t think camp would have even been a thought if Mia had not moved to Malaysia over 18 months ago.  We needed a reason for her to come back and stay with us for a while and making up a working student camp was as good as any.

Last summer Mia came and we had a week long mini-camp.  But this summer things got bigger.  I had mentioned the camp one day in the Oklahoma office of my work, and the next thing I knew I had a colleague eager to send her daughter, Makenna.  My granddaughter Jordyn is almost nine.  She was ready for overnight camp.  She came as well.

By June we had three overnight campers and two day campers, Isabel and Allyson.  Isabel and Mia had some idea what they were getting into but not the others.  Lauren runs this camp.  It is her idea of teaching kids that there is a lot of work to do behind the scenes at any horse barn.  And she did not go gently.  I am very proud of the program Lauren put together.  I am very proud of the girls that made it through two weeks in the brutal Texas heat and I hope they are proud of the work they did and what they learned.

Here are the highlights (or low points depending on your perspective)-

  • The first day all the girls emptied the big arena of all the jumps and poles.  I counted over 30 poles (wooden) and at least 14 sets of wooden standards.  Day One-over 100 degree heat index, the arena was painstakingly emptied.  I don’t think the girls were prepared for the weight, the heat or amount of time in the sun.  It was a little much.
  • From there guest speakers came and went sharing their time and knowledge with the girls.  Elizabeth, a student at Texas A&M, shared the stories of her semester in Kentucky working at the thoroughbred foaling farms.  She also gave practical information about college, what was needed to get there and what it was like.
  • Dr. Criner  came next doing an insightful series on equine dentistry.  I dare say the girls learned more than they ever wanted to know about horse’s teeth!

All along the girls were assigned specific horses which they were responsible to feed, groom and care for each day.  The first day the feed room was a mad house, but then the girls learned to rotate through, mixing up the specific feed and supplements for the horses they were caring for.  Many of the girls had never mixed feed before or had any idea about horse nutrition.  They do now!

  • Probably one of the favorite field trips was to Lone Star Sporthorses.  The girls got to take in the one of the grandest new barns in the area.  Fitted with beautiful wood, matted paver tiles and the best of all features.   They learned a lot about European horse breeding with hands on a gorgeous stallion, imported mares and outstanding babies. Look at this one-


LadyKilla LS (Bubalu VDL x Nabab de Reve x Narcos II) At three months

The girls also learned from Leeanna to get baby Sims a ball to play with.  It was so fun to watch him.  He had a ball!  Get it?

Saturday morning found the girls saddled up western style for some traditional Texas riding.  They were spending the morning with Sarah, a barrel racer, trainer and outstanding horse woman.  She took the English girls through a little background and they all gained knowledge of sport and I suspect a little respect for the ladies that participate in it.  It was all made more special because all the horses in the ring (including Libby on Cody who riding but not doing the clinic) came originally from Sarah.

Barrel and Pole clinic with Sarah!

In between the great speakers and field trips, painting had begun on all the jumps; poles and standards.  That was a lot of work-scraping off old paint.  Getting new paint on neatly and maintaining clean lines.  There was a lot of paint used, and I found it everywhere from the jumps it belonged on, to brand new wash cloths, clothing and my car’s seat. Oh, well. For the good of many a few may suffer. 

Tuesday, it was 90 by 9:00 am. We were headed to Wharton to get hay. Lauren, pulling our horse trailer, had part of the troupe with her and Ally was pulling the small trailer with the rest of us. 

Heat didn’t seem to matter as the group created an assembly line to load 50 bales of hay. Both trailers were quickly to the max.   Kendyll wanted to ride a barrel horse ( she also wants to jump Grand Prix double with Trapp so why was I surprised?)  Kallyn and Becky our hosts, quickly saddled Hope and Kendyll got her wish. 

 All the girls plus Kallyn and Becky surrounding their outstanding two year-old Whatson. 

Lauren had purchased a 25 foot wide  plastic sheet. So why a plastic sheet? I couldn’t figure out what it was for.  New advanced Slip-n-Slide.  Goodness that was a big time from the littlest girls to the oldest ones, everyone dove and played in cool water.


The girls also perfected their skills riding a variety of horses a variety of ways.  And remember we were also doing junior camp for the five and under set a couple days a week. 


from L- Micenzie, Kendyll, Madison


Lil’ Madison on Diva

 I would come in the house in the evening to see the girls playing board games.  A little bit of a lost skill when everything seems electronic in nature.  We had the new copies of the old stand-bys, like Life, Monopoly, Parcheesi and card games.  The tv was seldom on and while the girls had their phones, more often than not, the were being used to settle an argument about a horse breed or riding question.

  • Another clear highlight of the week, was the trip to the Zena Mechanical Horse. On this Mechanical horse that you ride as you are assessed as much for your internal health as your riding ability, was a life changing experience for most everyone in the group.  Jan, works with a lot of vets with PTSD, and is used to working with some pretty tough stuff.  She had an absolutely uncanny ability to see right through the facades the girls thought they had in place.  There were a lot of “aha” moments and even more tears.  Jan saw right through Mia’s cocky resolve of toughness and asked if it did not hurt to miss her friends with all the moves the family had made.  Lots of tears on that one for sure.  But Mia came away more relaxed and assured in her riding after leaving the armor behind. 
  • Jordyn has had more than her share of bad falls.  As a riding family she has had more than her share of ultimatums born from our frustration that she was not progressing as fast as we thought she should, boy were we told to leave her alone and let her learn to LOVE to ride again. 
  • Here Jan is telling Jordyn she knows she is afraid. She works through her fear. Had Lauren in tears. 

Amazing stuff they are doing out there.  Let me know if you want more information.

The girls got the jumps done and the arena looks fresh and new. They did a great job. It kind of looks like Easter out there with lilac, spring green and yellow jumps. But I can live with that. 

  • Last night Mia and Mickey along with Allyson and Snow headed to Pine Hill for an eventing lesson. It like jumping objects as you travel across open country. Mick and Snow had not done much of this but were happy to try. Great job, ladies. And thanks to Holly for coaching them.   


Everyone Learned a lot and grew a great deal at this camp. From my daughter Lauren at 23 down to my granddaughter Jordan at nine, new skills were acquired, new trials were accepted and new things were heroically overcome. 

I am super proud to have been part of this team. No matter how hot it was or how tired they were they worked, they worked together and they got the job done. It’s been a great two weeks.
Thanks for riding along!

I’m looking forward


Feeling Better-Catching Up


Kendyll is all smiles as she goes on the scary up and down, thrust you out of your seat ride at the Aquarium.

Finally, I am breathing more easily and with a sigh of relief.  It has been a long two months since breaking my ribs and all the complications that have gone along with it.  I am SO looking forward to this weekend where I can finally catch up on my yard, the gardening, the spring chores, mowing and de-cluttering all the winter stuff.  Who looks forward to that kind of weekend?  I DO!!

I also want to take this post and talk about all the great stuff that happened in the two months that I was pretty much Missing In Action.  First, Amber, Riley and Lexi came for a visit over the Valentine weekend.  I was lucky to see them so often when my momma was alive but since her death, our visits have gotten further apart.  They had not been to the farm since spring of last year.

Six year-old Riley was telling four year-old Lexi about the animals at Granny’s farm prior to the trip.  He looked up at his mom with great interest and asked “whose died since we were there last?”  I am meeting my goal to have my grandchildren understand that the promise of life is the promise of death but perhaps it has become a tad too routine.  And the answer for those that are wondering are just our two dogs killed by our neighbor’s dog.  Bad enough.

Of course, everyone got out to ride.  My big mare Nova proved once again what a great girl she is by giving Jordyn a fun ride and then letting Lexi and Riley pilot her around double.


Pretty laid back, I would say.  The kids got to ride a lot and all had fun. 

We headed out to the Houston Aquarium which was another fun event.  Kendyll proved to be the daredevil as always, riding the scary ride more times than anyone except Amber who only went begrudging along since Kendyll had to do it “again!!!”.  Everyone else wanted to throw up.

On the way home we stopped at an area park.  The weather was beautiful especially for my Colorado kin.  We all enjoyed acting like kids along with the kids.

parkl n a

Amber, Jordyn and Lauren playing at the park.


I decided we were all going to climb into the kid tunnel.  Family bonding time-YAY!

Friends from Chicago decided I needed shirts for my girls and I from our 40th High School reunion.  I attended a school called “Fremd” , ya, I don’t know who that was. Anyway, in trying to get a shot of my daughters and I, Maui Jim and Kona jumped in.  I love Maui’s face!


Me, Amber, Ally and Lauren with white poodle Maui and black poodle Kona


Pretty intense!!

In other news, Lauren’s show horse Feather had a minor setback when she pulled the skin off the back of her hoof.  She will be out for awhile as that area is notoriously difficult to bandage and heal.  We thought this would be the season Lauren could finally get back on track with her riding and are disappointed to have Feather out.  Lauren lost so much time with her broken arm and now I guess it is Feather’s turn to rest. You know my favorite saying:  “Man plans, God laughs”.  So true.

Lauren has been lucky enough to ride a variety of horses (which will ultimately make her a better rider) at her trainer’s during this time.  She got to ride a beautiful thoroughbred/Oldenburg cross mare in the show last weekend. It was a great experience and one which will broaden her abilities as a rider.


A beautiful mare- Lauren enjoyed the opportunity to ride her.

I am also including this updated picture of my mare who is due in June.  She has quite the baby belly already.  She will be as big as a house by June.  We are so excited about this upcoming Flagmount colt!


I had my last birthday before I turn 60.  I am really getting old but feeling so much better, I feel young again. It is time to get my spring flowers in, start riding my mare again and spend quality time with my pups.

Wishing everyone a great weekend and thanks for always riding along.



Pretty good life, eh?

Jordyn’s First Show

And line up with your numbers to the judge! Jordyn executed this perfectly.

And line up with your numbers to the judge! Jordyn executed this perfectly.

Jordyn has been in the show ring several times but always as a passenger, never as the driver.  This time is was all on Jordyn and she had practiced and practiced to get it right.  But like all things the first time around, the unknown sneaks up and creates ripples in your tummy and angst in your heart.

Jordyn has some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder like her mom, aunt, granny and grandpa.  We all like things to be ordered and to be right.  We are uncomfortable when things don’t go on schedule or when we think it is time. it is difficult to wait.  A horse show is not a good place for anxiety or OCD because really little is in your control.  Preparing, working and much saddle time certainly helps but in the end it is you alone in a new ring where all the things you practiced seem so different.

How did she do?  GREAT!  How did she think she did-well, I would say miserable failure would be one description.  We all worked on expectations with her ahead of the show.  Telling her if she got a ribbon, that would be great.  And she did.  She got three THIRD places but it was the fifth place in the last class that sent her over the edge.  I think if she had even won the last class it would have reduced her to tears as she had so much built up tension, just being done caused the tears to flow.


Ten year old Lauren inher line up at her first walk trot show. Helmet is a little big.

 So, let’s go back about twelve years.  Lauren had just gotten Mickey and had been preparing for her first show.  While she was new to riding English she had more actual riding experience under her belt (she could easily canter my big, fast quarter horse, Kid and Jordyn has not cantered on purpose yet) so she started off on her young five-year old rescue horse Mickey in the walk trot division.  In those days, we had yet to gain all the proper stuff like saddles that were made well, boots and jackets that fit and Lauren did not have that top-notch look to her attire that Jordyn did going in the ring this weekend.

We even had kids come up to us and ask if the horse Lauren was riding was in fact Mickey.  Apparently he had thrown a number of children and the kids could not believe she was taking a chance riding him.

The show itself was at Bridle Creek and it was a benefit for Holly Davitt (now Muehle) who had breast cancer.  Holly doesn’t remember much about that show.  I happened to see her at the show this weekend and stopped for a photo together.  She has successfully made 12 years Cancer free.  I was just older.  Still it was pretty cool to see my granddaughter follow so closely in the shoes of her Aunt Lauren.

Lauren's first show was a benefit for Holly. Here we are together at the show this weekend, 12 years later.

Lauren’s first show was a benefit for Holly. Here we are together at the show this weekend, 12 years later.

I am so proud of Jordyn and so proud of Mickey.  Mickey was at Zone Finals jumping over three feet a couple of weeks ago and this week he is trotting around like a champ for my granddaughter.

I wish the pictures showed more happiness on my baby’s face.  After all that is why you show.  And Jordyn could not find one equestrian to talk to that did not have a missed fence or perfect day. Things do not go exactly they way we plan in the ring.  We learn about failure and trying again.  Those are important lessons.

For me it was the culmination of many dreams.  That she would become a secure enough rider to go into the ring on her own and execute all the judge asked her to do.  Also big shout out to our Judge Lisa Richardson who did a great job placing the kids as was their due.

I am sad we did not get pictures of Jo and Mick with her beautiful first ribbons but here are some photos below that show how professional she looked and how well they did!!

Warm-up. Gotta have braids!

Warm-up. Gotta have braids!


Lauren walking from the warm up ring as Jordyn handled Mickey all on her own.


Love this silhouette of their profiles.

Part of Jo's support team, Luke, Ally, Grandparents Dodie and Rick and Kendyll

Part of Jo’s support team, Luke, Ally, Grandparents Dodie and Rick and Kendyll


What a great shot of the two of them!


Reins a little too long-starting to get in a little trouble in her last class.  But Mickey was not touching that pole!


Thank you for the great day Jordyn!  I know I will look back many times and tell people all about your first horse show!

Thanks for riding along!

Cindy has a man friend??? Let’s check him out!

Quiet, private and peaceful? somehow I don't think so.

Quiet, private and peaceful? Somehow I don’t think so.

I know.  This is a difficult statement to conceive of after some 18 years of being divorced and not having a man friend, which is even more ironic as my ex was always certain I was going to divorce him and run off with one of the doctors I worked with at the time.

But yes, I have re-ignited a relationship with a friend of mine from long ago.  You know Facebook is a marvelous thing.  You can check out how people have aged and what they are doing.  It seems to have worked for us.  Which is even more amazing given the crazy pictures I tend to post with me standing in water troughs or with tutus on my head.  Could be why it has taken 18 years to get a date.

Anyway, so we have been planning this little get-to-know-you again trip for a while now.  I wanted it to be low-key.  And even though, Lauren is off to the boyfriend’s most weekends, I confirmed that she would be gone.  I wanted some quiet, private time to introduce the six dogs and gazillion horses to a non-farm person before adding in extra people.  In fact, I had it all planned out perfectly.

Then Ally called this week to ask what time they were coming over on Saturday.  I searched my mind to remember what we were planning on Saturday.  “What are we doing?”, I asked.  “We are coming over to meet your new boyfriend”.  Not what I had in mind.  Then she reminded me that her husband had volunteered to fix our horse’s run-in shed on Sunday.  They would all be there all day and could I babysit Jordyn and Kendyll for a while? Why not?

One of my favorite boarders told me they might just be there Friday night when we get in from the airport, just in case we need help getting the horses out.  Oh, and she is going to whip up her famous Tortilla Soup so we can have dinner all ready when we get back to the farm.  Gee, perhaps her family can set the table and dress as waiters and serve us wine.  (Honestly, I love the soup and am very grateful, but wow!)

Meanwhile,  I learned that another one of my boarders and her boyfriend will be there Saturday to build jumps.  We need new jumps.  It is very nice of them to help out, but this weekend?  The mower guys called to re-schedule to Saturday as well. That will be so peaceful.  Looking out over the green pastures with the mowers and weed eaters running in the wind coupled with the electric saws and hammering. Idyllic.

Awesome. Lauren told me that she and Blake needed to come by because Blake was going to install the electric gate opener (which has been in a box in the garage for almost two years).  Really?  “When is that going to happen?”, I asked.   “Oh. on Sunday.  We have Dev coming to do lessons too!”  Lauren told me.

I think that should only be about six riders and their families hanging out on a fine Sunday morning as Luke builds my run-in shed and Blake installs the gate opener.  I feel pleased that everyone is so sweet and cares so much.  This is truly a monumental event.

I finally gave up and planned a nice picnic type lunch for Sunday noon.  Ally’s in-laws want to run by as well but they will wait until Thanksgiving.

Three year-old Kendyll was over this morning as I getting ready for work and doing the last-minute cleaning of the house.  She was happily standing in my shower stall surveying what I was doing.  “Maybe when my new grandpa comes we can put on our bathing suits and take a shower.  Then you can go get cupcakes and we can have a party!”.

You know, Kendyll, we might as well.  Let me know if anyone else wants to run by and check out the new boyfriend.  We will be at the farm.


At three years of age, Kendyll is a wild woman! But a beautiful one.

At three years of age, Kendyll is a wild woman! But a beautiful one.


There is something about this picture that reminds me of my long-departed sister, Betty Sue (no, not my horse).  Her hair was long and similar in color to Kendyll’s now.  Probably my family that is still around and remembers her as a child would not agree, but there is something here in Kendyll’s eyes, in her expression, that shows strength and determination and my sister had both.  It takes me back in time and yet, secures me tightly to my future, this granddaughter is special as all of mine are.

It has been a run of several weeks of gorgeous weather and clear, cloudless skies.  While this is doing little to preserve what is left of my pastures (which desperately need rain), it starts and ends each day with fresh beauty.  The clear, star-filled sky as I got out early to feed and the dropping sun as the day ends again, an orange ball in the sky.

With this wonderful weather we have been spending a lot of time riding.  Lauren because Zone Finals are upon us and the rest of us, because it is so lovely.  A couple of nights I rode horses back to back after a long day at work.  I galloped for the first time in several years, trusting my mount (Mickey) and myself (as I get stronger) to hang tough.

The arena, while dusty, seems to be drawing us all to ride.

The arena, while dusty, seems to be drawing us all to ride.

I have been busy taking photos.  Even today as I gave lessons I snap photos while my student trudges on. Did you know I am giving lessons now? It is actually going pretty well and I haven’t killed anyone yet.

Allyson is back on Snow after taking a few years off and it is like she never missed a day.  Isabel planned out a tough course for them and they did great. Isabel is getting a lot practice as she has been moving up on Prosecco.  They are jumping higher with tougher courses.  I think she wanted to pass along her experiences.  And in what is probably the crazy jumping picture of the year.  I caught Prosecco jumping like a frightened cat literally off the ground and over the jump.  This has to be an all-star photo!

OMG!!! Crazy jump photo of the year with Isabel and Prosecco!

OMG!!! Crazy jump photo of the year with Isabel and Prosecco!

Speaking of a little nuts, Mickey is headed to Zone Finals with Alex for his fourth time.  We have him on some new meds and he is doing so well. He is jumping well and moving like a young horse.


Mickey and Alex get their ride on.

Mickey and Alex get their ride on.



We have been pushing Mickey to jump higher and wider to meet the demands of the big show.  He is responding well.  The jump above had a wide enough spread that after jumping it successfully, they found the jump was wide enough for Alex and Mickey to stand inside of it.  Now, we just need to get Lauren and Feather to jump Mickey in the middle of the jump and we will really have something!

Another milestone for me passed this week with the one year anniversary of the arrival of Fargo and baby Betty Sue.  Betty Sue was only six months old when she arrived from Colorado.  Fargo is in foal to Feather’s sire and she has grown a little too!

Trotting with Fargo.

Betty Sue, tiny next to Fargo, a year ago.


Pregnant mama Fargo, me and tall Betty Sue.

Pregnant mama Fargo, me and tall Betty Sue.

The dogs are always a big part of any day and we caught a couple candid’s of them.

Sammi Dee has settled in so well to life here. But a girl does need her rest.

Sammi Dee has settled in so well to life here. But a girl does need her rest.










IMG_5291Alex took this one!  I have a couple more dog photos to finish up.  Gotta go get horses out for another cloudless night.  As always thanks for riding along!  Come visit us!

It's all fun and games until someone has to wear the cone!

It’s all fun and games until someone has to wear the cone!

Allyson's five year old sister Gabby spending so calm time with Maui Jim.

Allyson’s five-year old sister Gabby spending so calm time with Maui Jim.

We had joy

We had fun

We had seasons in the sun










A Week in the Life

What am I doing now? The Ergonomic specialist stopped by my desk with a few tips.

floor1What am I doing now? The Ergonomic specialist stopped by my desk with a few tips.

Seems there is never a dull moment in my life whether I am at work or at play.  The company I work for employs an ergonomic specialist that ensures we are sitting properly at our desk, with the best support and tools.

I think she found me to be a “special” case as I had many ergonomic challenges.  Just changing  the direction of my keyboard and a few things on my computer have led to better days at the office.

One of her most important messages was that we all need to get up and move around more.  Of course, there is an app you can use on your phone to remind you to get up.  For me, the “special’ case, I was told to get up from my desk and lay down on the floor.  I was given a noodle-like a form one that you would use to float on in the pool.  I am to put that under my back and roll around.

How great it is to be wallowing on the floor of your office filled with Millennial employees like a giant turtle on its back.  From the pictures you can see that I am not that joyful regarding this process.  However, I must note that day by day I am a little less knotted up and stressed filled.

So when I am not lying on the floor at work on a foam noodle, I have had a busy weekend with being a horse show mom.  We had not been to a show since last March and it was great fun to catch up with everyone and see what they are doing and who they showing now.  Lauren and Feather moved up a division to the High Amateur Adults at 1.10 and 1.15 meters.  It was their first time ever to compete in that division.  The 1.10 meter went well with the pair picking up a third place ribbon.  Feather has jump and Lauren has skill but it will take some more time in the show ring for it all to flow well.

Up and Over--

Up and Over–


Feather up and over the donut jump.

Feather up and over the donut jump.

This week I have also been spending extra time trying to get yard work, pastures, and grounds trimmed, mowed and ready for fall.  It has been much cooler in the evening and we have enjoyed working with Betty Sue.  We are working on baby horse things like being tied and cross-tied.  We have also had fun just hanging out with her and enjoying her quirky personality.  At 17 months she measured a solid 14.3 hands and almost 800 pounds.

bs 10012015

Most evenings have been quiet at the farm with Lauren and Isabel riding their horses and ponies.  The new Mustang Kit is coming along well.  Lauren and I were gratified the other night to see the neighbor who had to give up these horses drive by on the road above the farm.  He slowed down to watch Lauren work his former pony.  I hope he is pleased with her progress, but I feel he might be.  This Welsh and/or Quarter pony is certainly no longer looking like any kind of rescue project.  In fact we cut her food back as she is bordering on chunky these days!

Looking pretty well fed these days-our rescue pony Jete'.

Looking pretty well fed these days-our rescue pony Jete’.

Speaking of chunky, my friend was showing me a picture of her dog Teddy.  We decided that coupled with a picture of lean, young Maui  it could be a Weight Watcher before and after ad.

Rubanesque Teddy and lean and sweet Maui Jim

Rubanesque Teddy and lean and sweet Maui Jim

Kendyll has been spending the early fall mornings with her momma, Ally, working at the farm.  This morning she called Betty Sue and Nova over for some pets.  Then she had to bring her play pony Buddy over for a picture with Nova as well.  Wish I had been home to spend time with them.

The horses have their fly masks on to keep the flies out of their eyes.  Kendyll is pretty

The horses have their fly masks on to keep the flies out of their eyes. Kendyll is pretty


Looking forward to weekend!  You all enjoy the fine fall weather and thanks for riding along with us!