The two plates, numerous screws, two large incisions and the first of at least six casts.  It is bleak.

The two plates, numerous screws, two large incisions and the first cast. It is bleak.

A year ago today, I sat in the waiting room as Lauren went through surgery to repair her crushed arm.  The day she finally got out of the hospital we received the news my mother’s death was immenient.

Fifteen years ago today, Ally, Lauren and I moved from Florida to Texas. I clearly remember the drive and the Kenny Chesney CD that played over and over. The three of us started a new life here with three dogs, two cats and a fancy Rugged Lark mare.

These times here have taken their toll yet developed us into the people we are today. We have struggled emotionally, financially and physically. I would have never dreamt as we slept that first night on the floor in our rented Sugar Land house in the sweltering July heat (our furniture was en route and Reliant Energy had not gotten our electric service started) where we would all be today.  Life certainly is crazy ride.

Still as I reflect on all of this, my throat catching and eyes brimming with tears I know deeply and intuitively we have survived, grown and even conquered.  The events of this past weekend, although simple family things, just make it clear to me.

Ryan, Lexi, Riley and Amber

Ryan, Lexi, Riley and Amber

My daughter, Amber, who was in college in Florida when we moved to Texas, just completed a wonderful vacation with her husband’s family.  They enjoyed sun-lit days and evenings as a big family, bonding as you can only do, when daily duties and responsibilities melt away with the southern sun. I delighted to see so many terrific pictures with this family and grandchildren who are so dear to me. They are happy. They are healthy. They are blessed.

Ally and her family are nearby.  I regularly get to see them and feel their joy in life. Ally had some hard road to walk.  It has not come easy for her at all. But she is now close to college graduation.  She supports her amazing girls and husband, finding a domestic peace that evaded me.

Kendyll and Jordyn spent the night with Lauren and I this weekend.  It is always a time filled with laughter, nonsense and animals. Sunday morning we went over to help our friend who just got out of the hospital.  She has a daughter Jordyn’s age and the girls have known each other since they were little.  Kendyll feel in love with their tiny (heightwise) pony.  I don’t think Kendyll has ever been so thrilled.

Kendyll being taken for a ride by Abby.  Oh, my goodness she was pleased with herself!

Kendyll being taken for a ride by Abby. Oh, my goodness she was pleased with herself!

Jordyn, Kendyll and Abby.

Jordyn, Kendyll and Abby.

Our cleaning team surrounding the estactic Kendyll.

Our cleaning team surrounding the ecstatic Kendyll.

Lauren and I had one of our rare weekends when we were both home.  The heat index was sky-rocketing and we were hanging out in the house with a gaggle of dogs.  But it was a rewarding time as Lauren is finally able physically (after her arm) to get back to college this semester.  We were discussing her future and it is going to be just fine. A year ago we would not have imagined that it would take this long to get her back to normal.

Reflection is an important tool for assessing where we were, where we are and where we might go.  It is also important to maintain as life catches us unaware or unprepared or unwilling to move forward.  Sometimes reflection invites perspective that we may not have done what we wanted to do but we have done so much more.


Thank you to all you who journey along with us, thanks for riding along.



1 thought on “Reflections

  1. Life has a way of closing doors (sometimes quickly and sometimes in our faces) but there is always another door that opens. You and your family are amazing, and I am so enjoying “riding along” with you on your many adventures.

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