Summertime Gone

I feel like summertime has just began but based upon the photos that are rising up on Facebook and in my own messages, it is clearly the start of yet another new school year.  In Texas, there is no marked change of weather to indicate time to return to school has arrived.  I remember late August days in Chicago when the wind would pick up and the temperatures drop forcing us out of the community pool and out shopping for sweaters.

Shortly, in much of the US, there will be brilliant leaves falling from trees and the first frost descending on the land.  Last year, we did not have a frost.  Period.  No temperatures below 32 degrees.  Usually the true summertime weather hangs around until Halloween or so.

It used to be in Florida I would pride myself on turning off the air conditioning by November first and not turning it back on until May first. We were close to the ocean and got that ocean breeze but here I am lucky to turn off the air for Christmas Day. I am sure the warm weather year around is a blessing. But it is one I struggle with by the start of the new school year.  I mean really how many days of changing your clothes three times because they are soaking wet can you take (and for those of you who have not lived in the humid south, we are not talking about getting caught in a rain storm although that is always a possibility as well).

We were able to let all the girls out together for the first time-and everyone got along!!

We were able to let all the girls out together for the first time-and everyone got along!!

The mares grazing on the late summer grass and subsequently being rained upon.

The mares grazing on the late summer grass and subsequently being rained upon.

But as much as I complain, the cold is harder on me than heat, so I trudge along.  In spite of the weather, which included several strong thunderstorms this week, life at the barn continues.  This week saw Libby with her healing broken hand climb back aboard Cody for the first time.  She also had a brand new saddle.  One specially made to fit Cody and keep Libby in the saddle and off the ground.  After so much pain, it was delightful to see the joy on her face as she took an inaugural spin around the arena.

Dev was back for the first time in many weeks as well, healing from his broken orbital and subsequent surgery.  I haven’t sat back in the shade of the deep porch and watched lessons for some time.  The arena was perfect and horses spot on.

Jordyn made some progress on her riding as well.  It has always been one step forward and two steps back for my first granddaughter.  It has taken some urging, begging, threats and praise but Jordayn finally trotted off through a series of cavellettis and some Xes.  This is a precursor to trotting over jumps and a  transition she needs to make to move on.

Jo and Snow with Kona, Kena and Maui-barn dogs extornaire!

Jo and Snow with Kona, Kena and Maui-barn dogs extraordinaire!  Look at those dirty, giant paws.

Jordyn headed off to third grade this week and remarkably has the same teacher as last year.  While second grade at the new public school brought tremendous anxiety to Jordyn, this year’s first day went smoothly and easily.

Riley entered first grade this year and is a top student.  He looks pretty GQ in this picture from “Meet the Teachers” night.

Handsome Riley meeting his first grade teacher in Denver.

Handsome Riley meeting his first grade teacher in Denver.

Summertime heat may be here to stay for a while but fall will soon begin again.  As always thanks for riding along!


Lauren and I send our heartfelt sympathies and prayers to the Figenshaw family as they attempt to grasp with the new realities of their lives.  In a horrible instant, while taking daughter Meg (whom we have known since Whipple Tree days) off to college, Meg and her father Paul, were hit head on.  Paul did not survive the accident.  Meg has a broken neck, collar-bone, ribs, arm and pelvis.  Having lost my sister in a head on wreck, I know the anguish of loss.

Lord make your face to shine upon and give them strength to carry on.

A moment can change everything.  We are so deeply sorry for your loss.


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