Let Time Go Lightly


Taking a dressage lesson on Diva.


As the morning sun made its way across the Houston sky this morning, I was introspective and subdued.  So many things in the world weigh heavily on me from the acts of shooting down policemen to watching our President speak at their funerals.  At no time when you contemplate your funeral do you want to have the President speak at it.  That is no doubt a big flag that your death was untimely and wrong.

Last night I watched a documentary on the White House. (I know, who does that?) Anyway,  did you know that days after Abraham Lincoln took up residence in the White House he could see Confederate soldiers camping along the Potomac?  If the Union army had not arrived, our White House could have been destroyed.  Sorry, I know this seems a little random.  My point is there has always been ups and downs in turmoil and struggle in this country and beyond.

Last night’s program made me reflect on the hard times we have faced as a nation and as individuals.  LBJ was never a favorite president in my house.  After the glitter and promise of the Kennedy days, LBJ days were dark with assignations and the Viet Nam war.  Still, I never thought about President Johnson having two son-in-laws in Viet Nam and facing protesters daily chanting, “L.B.J.-how many boys have you killed today?”.  What if he had to tell his daughters that their husbands were the ones that had died over there?  No easy times.  Those were hard times-for eveyone.  No wonder people took drugs! (Being flippant here-don’t take drugs.)

I suspect our country is headed for more tough times. And we have seen our share.  I guess that is why when I suddenly had an opportunity (friends coming for dinner Sunday cancelled) I did the first thing on my list of “want to-dos”, which was get on a horse. Let time go lightly when you can.

My horse Nova has had hoof problems stemming from our excessively wet spring to our brutally hot, dry summer.  She has not been doing well keeping her shoes on.  I swear she spots a lesson scheduled on her carrot phone calendar and yanks off her shoe just prior to lessons each week.

Anyway, with Nova steadfastly avoiding lessons, I decided to spend some time getting to know Jordyn’s new Quarter horse Diva.   I like the little quarter horse.  I like Quarter horses as a rule and this mare reminds me why. She is inquisitive, but quiet and interested in everything.  She had gotten ridden by several of the girls at camp but I had not been on her and not been able to really assess what we had bought.


                          Letting time go lightly with Diva

Sunday night while I was all alone  at the barn, I tacked up Diva and enjoyed a very uncomplicated, easy, no fuss ride on the back of this new five year-old.  Most of the time, I am working a young horse like Betty Sue that can go wacky on me fast. Or even on my horse Nova, we have had so many stops and starts in her training that we are always starting over again. It was pleasant to do uncomplicated.

Celebrating our new Monday closed status (everyone needs a day off, right?) I was back up on Diva seeking out some more Zen on the back of a horse time.  I started asking her some serious questions about what she knew and she answered fairly well.

Last night, we took our first Dressage lesson together. I was rusty from many weeks of missing lessons (thanks, Nova!). Diva is hard to convince it is time to get going, but once she does, she does well. Both trainer Nancy and I were enthusiatic over Diva.

In addition, to my horse back times, I have been working hard on my garden, moving trees, planning out a new garden for Luke and Ally, planting replacements, and relentlessly nurturing and watering the plants through the hot summer days.  I do a lot of nurturing.  Plants, dogs, cats, horse, kids, adults, Cindy tries to help and let growth begin or continue.

So, today’s topic?  There is so much going on, in the world and with each of us.  I do not know anyone that is not way past full on their obligation schedule.  I know I am.  It is important to take time for ourselves and those we love freeing up the usual restrictions and letting time go lightly.  It could be the best summer gift you can give. Let time go lightly!


I let time go lightly when I’m here with you,
I let time go lightly when the day is through.
I keep a watch on time when I’ve got work to do,
but I let time go lightly with you

Harry Chapin-



Thanks for riding along!


Oh, also on my things to do list last night was to save this baby deer that had gotten stuck behind our fence line.  As usual, Lauren was not going to touch it and it was up to Jo Ann and I to save the day (or the deer).

I had this happen before and this time I knew what to do.  Here is the story of the first time- https://exechorseluver.com/2014/06/24/what-story-can-i-tell-you-tonight/



I am going to have an update on Sims for the next post.  You will never believe what colors he is turning.  Actually, I have no idea where he is going with his current look.  Maybe punk rocker.  But I can tell you he continues to grow.  Over 300 pounds and almost 13 hands at 6 weeks.


What’s happening under the mask?  Stay tuned!

Ride On.