What story can I tell you tonight?

An extended view across the farm.

An extended view across the farm.

I know I gave a few teasers about the weekend.  Things are never dull. First, my mother has broken her femur.  They are not saying hip, but it is high up in the leg and I feel like it is the hip, or at least the head of the femur.  She needs more x-rays, but it is impossible now to take her anywhere with her high pain level and limited mobility.

She was brighter today, thank God! Because Saturday she just laid in her bed.  Wincing occasionally in pain but not eating or recognizing me.  Things are deteriorating health wise for her.  The osteoporosis has made her very fragile.  It is increasingly difficult to move her, dress her or get her to eat.  I just pray for her not to have to experience the pain any more.

Lauren is still gone on her trip to Florida.  Boy, is she in for some surprises.   Ally and Luke have been wonderful, caring or me, helping with the chores, facing down Bruno when I am too tired for one more step.  I am so grateful. I saw the orthopedic surgeon for my hip as well. I was born with hip dysplasia.  My left hip has been replaced and now it is time for the right.  I am trying to hold on for later in the year, but the pain is more intolerable every day.

Riding buddy Renee cam over Saturday. Enjoyed the ride but really appreciated all her help.

Riding buddy Renee came over Saturday. Enjoyed the ride but really appreciated all her help.

Saturday  a friend from Whipple Tree days, Renee, contacted me about coming over to ride.  So, we rode Mickey and Snow, changing horses half way through and it was nice to have company.  Renee just jumped in and helped with the stalls, chores, moving horses and filling troughs.  Now that is the kind of visitor to have.  Dr. Criner came over to play with the new mare (the mare may not have thought it to be a fun game since she got shots and had a sonagram to check her breeding parts) but TeeDee was so well-behaved.  Then farrier, Sean came to remove the special racing plate shoes that horses wear on the track. They are light weight and have ridges for extra grip on the track.  Sean also re-did Bruno’s bad feet.  We are having problems keeping shoes on him.  He is pulling them off every few days. Dr, Criner said even with all Bruno has been through she has never seen him so lame.  Not good!  I will have to post a picture-but between the vet and farrier they came up with an innovative approach of shoeing him that is working so far.

As Renee and I were riding, we spotted a tiny deer over by the wooded portion of the fence.  I thought it had just wandered into the clearing and surely mom was close by.  Later in the day after I got back from my mom’s, the barn was busy again with Snow’s rider, Mia and Ally and Kendyll.  The baby was still by the fence.  Investigation showed us that the tiny thing was torn up and bleeding from running hard into the fence without a way out.

We tried to call the game warden and the sheriff but no one picked up the phone on Saturday afternoon.  As  Ally said, thank goodness it was not a giant alligator we were needing help with.  In the end, I couldn’t stand it anymore and we decided to try to corner the baby and carry her to where she could get back under the fence to her momma.

Stuck in our pasture between fences made to ensure nothing gets in or out.  Well, it worked-sort of.

Stuck in our pasture between fences made to ensure nothing gets in or out. Well, it worked-sort of.

Note its face and leg-

Note its face and leg-


I was letting him go, but unclear if he was headed for certain death.

I was letting him go, but unclear if he was headed for certain death.

It was a difficult and emotional deal for me.  I am not agile but I am determined.  The front leg was bad.  I know several of you would have gotten a dog crate and nursed the deer back to health but I could not.  I let him go under the fence.  The next day Ally saw him with another baby and their momma near the corner of the property so I hope he does okay.  Thanks to Wendy and Mia who helped in the great ‘save the deer’ campaign and also fed the horses and closed up the barn so I could go in for some much-needed rest.

There were so many ridicules points of the weekend it is hard to pin point one, but I would have to say, it had to be when I went to help a friend who had run out of gas.  I had the truck with Lula and Kona riding shot-gun.  We were in a what can best be termed a sketchy part of town.  I got out of the truck to help with the gas and left the dogs inside with the air conditioning running.

We got her truck running and I went back to mine to find I was locked out.  I did not have an extra set of keys.  Lauren keeps them conveniently placed in the truck in the console.  My phone, purse and two sets of keys were in the truck.  I called multiple lock smiths, but if I could not give them a credit card, they were not coming.  That was convenient as well.  A woman without teeth came by and asked for 89 cents.  I guess I would have given it to her but my purse was in the truck. I was ready to break out the rear window, in fact, had already started beating on it, when the dachshund Lula unlocked the truck!

How great!  Too bad, I am pretty sure she is the one that locked it in the first place.

Thanks for riding along.  Please keep my momma in your prayers.

4 thoughts on “What story can I tell you tonight?

  1. Bless Lula for helping you get back in your truck. I have a Doxie cross and he’s like that too–creates all kinds of mischief for his mom (me!) and then makes everything right again. Usually it’s by giving me furious kisses rather than cleaning up the mess he made, but he does his best to make me happy. Am so sorry about your dear Momma. I have no more pink cards to send, but will get some “get well cards” with pink if I can find them. I still have your address and some stamps with pink on them, too. As for your hip, I too hope you can wait for surgery until the end of the year. Cooler weather, show season winding up, and you’ll have good help for the chores (that know no season). And good for saving the deer. You can do only so much and Mother Nature must take over. I do feel sorry for babies, though, that get lost or disoriented. Have seen a number of videos on Facebook with fawns stuck between porch railings. Must be something in the air ;o) God bless you and your family. So much news in each posting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I never know if my posts make it but I posted that truly, your blog makes me simultaneously happy because it is such a good read and exhausted/sometimes sad, due to the FULLNESS of your life. Eventful, …stressful…full in the (bwahaha) fullest sense of the word. Love and hugs from your cyber buddy….you are amazing!

    • I love that we are connected after all these years and you want to read my blog! I think your summation is a good one-it is a FULL life, lived robustly. Sometimes it would be nice to slow down. I just spent 30 minutes playing, petting, holding a new cat. It was good for both of us.

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