Rescued Cats-lost Little Girl

Beautiful Burmese cat, Sebastian, headed to his new home

Beautiful Burmese cat, Sebastian, headed to his new home.

A lonely teenaged girl had little in her life. She lived in a beautiful home in a gated community.  Her mother was lovely and mostly kind. The girl’s favorite things were her Burmese cats.   She had the two cats since their kitten hood.  The two cats meant everything to the girl.  She was a little overweight and not like the ‘cool’ kids at school but her cats understood everything. Things changed when her momma got sick.   Her dad left, just left. Her mom got sicker, money got tight, plans were made to move.   She knew it was the only way and was okay until she was told the cats couldn’t stay.

The cats went up on a rescue site.   Some lady from Houston was coming to get them. The day arrived, the rain came down. The woman showed up right on time. The girl held her babies one last time, she cried. She begged her mom to let her keep the cats -but she got the same answer.  She helped carry the cats the lady’s car, tears blocking her sight she watched her best friends disappear in the rain.  They had been rescued but what about her? Who was going to come rescue her?

Jordyn loving the new rescued kitty, Bella.

Jordyn loving the new rescued kitty, Bella.

I have rescued so many animals over the years.  Some owners had neglected their animals, some had deserted them but never had I been confronted with owner that desperately wanted to keep their animals but life had pulled a simple twist of fate and they could not keep their well-loved animal. I will never forget the tears shed by this haunted young girl as she handed me, a stranger, her life’s most precious possessions.  I promised her faithfully to do my best to care for her babies for the rest of their lives.  I am so sorry, Kennedy, I am so sorry.

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