In this apparently odd photo, where Lauren rides the pony and Jordyn takes the show horse for spin, each rider is getting the horse they need and vice versa. Pixie, the German Riding pony is young and green. I have been riding her the last ten days working on fundamentals like working off my leg, turning, halting and standing quietly. We are trying to be very specific with our messages to the pony so she learns exactly what a slight pull on the right rein and other directives mean. While she wouldn’t have been bad for Jordyn, she did not need the mixed up signals of a young rider.


Lauren got her first really good trot tonight with the pony starting to reach into the bit and extend herself. Lauren told me I had done a good job, but she does not like this stage of horse training (call it the toddler days) where the horse sometimes is brilliant and cute but more often in need of correction and boundaries.


Jordyn is heading to horse day camp in ten days. She said it will be the best week of her life! Gee, not playing to any high expectations here! She came to practice with Feather. Her saddle looked itty-bitty up on the stout grey mare.


I was really thrilled at how well Jo did with Feather. Or I was thrilled Feather, just a year into training, listened and was quiet for Jo. It was a pretty big moment for me to see Jo navigating the ring on her own.

So yay for girls on horseback and a nice (if not hot!) evening at the farm.