Lexi and Riley having a little summertime fun.

Lexi and Riley having a little summertime fun.

Summer came cautiously into Houston after weeks and weeks of rain and unseasonably cool temperatures. Between the high humidity and sudden blazing temperatures, it was like walking ill-prepared into a rain forest. I anxiously awaited a colorful bird swooping down from on high or a snake to slither over my rubber boots.

It certainly had not felt like summer previously with all the grey days and wet nights. I saw a picture of my daughter in Denver with the kids in swimsuits and I was momentarily confused-are they on vacation? where are they? Then it occurred to me it was summertime-kids out of school-all that stuff that goes along with that.

And so it is.  Jordyn headed off to horse camp last Monday.  She is seven years old and yet a pro in so many ways to the horse world.  But for the very first time, she loaded Snowboy into the trailer all by herself.  I guess she really is growing up.

Jordyn actually loading Snow by herself headed off to camp.

Jordyn actually loading Snow by herself headed off to camp.

The plan was for the pony to stay all week at camp and Jordyn to go out each day to ride.  That got derailed by Tropical Storm Bill who thought he would make a run through the already wet soaked area with some high winds and more rain.  Snow came home Monday night as we braced for the next onslaught of water.  Thankfully, that ended up just being a drill.  Although we are now restocked with water, batteries, and junk food to get us through any storm.  Snow got back on the trailer Wednesday morning and Jordyn really enjoyed the week.

Lauren rides jumpers.  We train with a hunter/jumper trainer.  This camp was run by a dressage person who does eventing.  Jordyn came home with the announcement that she was going to ride with Nancy Lindsey (a classic dressage instructor).  If Jordyn had ever actually jumped or hunted anything, I would be more impressed with her decision to change disciplines.  Right now at the trot, there is not much difference.  Still I appreciate she is open to new things.

Trainer Holly told us Snow had been an all-star.  I was rather surprised as he can be difficult to get to do anything beyond a walk at home.  Again, it was good news that he performs when he goes new places as it bodes well for a horse show.  Camp was an absolute win for Jo. She can’t wait to ride and spend even more time with the horses.

Meanwhile, back at the barn, our summer student, Mia, was looking for a horse to ride for the Greater Houston show.  Once again, as she has done multiple times before, our vet, Lynn Criner, offered up her pony, George for Mia to use for the remainder of her stay.  Some of you might remember Dolan that she shared or Rusty that took Lauren to the EAP.  Must be nice to have horses just hanging around your pasture that are show worthy without much tune-up.  Mia literally had been on the pony once before jumping on to school at the horse show grounds. Ready, set, show!

Mia and "Just George", borrowed from Lynn Criner had a great first show.

Mia and “Just George”, borrowed from Lynn Criner had a great first show.

The pair had a good weekend in a big class of horses, ranking well in the hack (as a pony against horses that is no simple feat) and taking a third place over fences against a field of 20.  What a great little pony!

Isabel continued with her success in the jumper ring, seemingly getter better every show.

Alex and Lauren had missed their show in Waco and just wanted to get Mickey and Feather back in the show environment.  I was proud of both riders as they set out with good rounds and great times to earn Grand Champion in both their respective divisions.

With everyone off at the horse show, I was on barn duty, including cleaning stalls and mowing. I had a full- throttle intro to summer heat.

I drank a ton of water and just kept moving. The dogs kept me company at the nearly empty barn with everyone off showing. I was totally physically exhausted by late afternoon.  I checked my fitbit and found out why.  Wow, a lot of steps even for a Sunday at the barn.

The Fitbit doesn't lie.  Makes me tired to look at it.

The Fitbit doesn’t lie. Makes me tired to look at it.

Our boarder, Jo Ann, bought a new horse Saturday after much searching. A Rugged Lark bred horse, Kisses, seems like she will be a nice addition to the barn. Jo Ann is temporarily side-lined following surgery but I know she is anxious to be out at the barn with her new girl.

Catch My Kisses showing off in the pasture.

Catch My Kisses showing off in the pasture.



Mia’s mom, Wendy, came for dinner Sunday night. I am an okay cook but everything I put on the table that night sucked. The meatloaf was under cooked (we ate the edges). The potatoes were like paste.  Jordyn announced the peas were still frozen. But we laughed so hard and had the best time. Just think if the food had been good.

Summertime is here.  I am willing to put up with some heat and humidity in exchange for less rain.  We are a mere half mile from the Bravos River that continues to rise as water flows down from up north,  Heat evaporates water.  I am good with that.

Thanks for riding along with our adventures-let me know if you want to come over for dinner some night.  I am sure it will be outstanding!


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