Momma, today.

Momma, today.

I met with the administration of the nursing home this week.  My mother suffered a fracture high in her femur or in pelvis.  It is close to impossible to move her without exacting extreme pain from her.  I broke my pelvis.  Worst pain ever.

The ladies gently suggested moving my mother to hospice care.  I am from the oncology world and usually this means a patient with less than six months to live. I understand the definition is a little broader in the nursing home world.  She may live awhile. Still not long enough.

What we do know is that her bones are so fragile that they breaking in the hands of her caregivers.  She is eating less and less.  She is now equipped with a hospital bed which makes moving her when we have to, easier.

The hospice coordinator talked with me Thursday.  Amongst the questions she asked was if I had funeral arrangements made.  Well, no I don’t.  I mean, I know she will be buried in Denver but how that will occur, I don’t know.

I am pretty raw right now.  I feel my momma has them fooled.  She isn’t dying.  But perhaps that is my own denial.

Please keep us in your prayers.