First Blue!

Feather and Lauren showing off their winnings.

Feather and Lauren showing off their winnings.

So it came to pass in a town oddly named for the nickname of Kathryn (Katy) that a young lady who had been showing on the  circuit since she was just a wee child, finally after many years of riding tricky horses and a cute but not quite ready for prime time pony, came to own an outstanding Irish mare.

Now, like most fairy tales, this one involves the horse leaving Texas, making a haphazard if not dangerous trip back to the great state all the way from Florida.  When the beautiful mare arrived she was not quite several things, a. Beautiful, b.  well broke or c. Very brave.  But then never in a fairy tale do you find an easy path.

It took awhile to learn transitions from walk, trot to canter and then stop.  It took a few ( okay, maybe more than a few) trips to the show arena to not spook all the way down the outside line.  And in this story that spans a little over two years it took most of that time to get the mare to load in the trailer.

The young lady herself had some growing and working to do as well.  Coming from a quick, brilliant jumper who could win every round or just as easily throw you to the ground, the girl needed to learn confidence and trust.  Partnership, I dare say.

Over the last ninety days as the young lady rested and recovered from a hard fall, there was some speculation if they could make a come back.  The mare had the right genes but perhaps the wrong brain to make a trustworthy mount.

Two years had passed since Feather first danced into the ring with Lauren and while their rounds seemed to improve one thing was as illusive as a cool spot in Texas in August.  They had NEVER won a blue ribbon signifying that they were the fastest on the course for that round.

Today, 90 days since limping off with two torn knees and a significant tear in her back muscle, Lauren rode Feather brightly into the big arena.  No fooling around today, they took aim at the show’s highest jumping class, the Opens, at over 3’6″.  It was a little choppy as they found their groove but they finished quick and clean.  Three rounds, a first place, two second places and points to earn Grand  Champion overall.

What a wonderful time to win that first blue!  Next week they are off to the “A” show and I dare say this fairy tale made add another sequel. Please stay tuned!