Finally Fall

The dawn's early light on a much cooler morn.

The dawn’s early light on a much cooler morn  Photo by Kristie Nichols.

The last few days have ushered in new cooler temperatures in the pre-dawn hours where I do not come in from feeding the animals sweat drenched.  Today, I could even get dressed for work, go back to the barn, get horses out and not smell like I had hung out all night in the boy’s locker room.  I feel this is an improvement not only for me personally, but for the my work colleagues.  However, it may be a little too late as my cubicle at work has abandoned.

My desk-the messy one and then my co-workers-GONE.

My desk-the messy one and then my co-workers-GONE.

Anyway, I am sure if they return they will be happy the weather is cooler and I smell better. Life continues at the farm.  Pecans are falling in record amounts as this year has been one of the best pecan season’s in years.  They are good-sized and I have many pecan trees.  Please let me know if you want to come pick some for your very own.

Lauren is back on Feather although full use of her hand and arm has not been restored.  She is working with a neurosurgeon to create a path forward that hopefully does not include further surgery.  The riding on the flat is going pretty well although she has found it is way harder to get back in condition to ride than it is to stay in condition to ride.  Her entire body is weakened from weeks of inactivity.  Yesterday was her first full lesson back on Feather.  After working leg yields and long posting trots, it wasn’t just her hand and arm that was complaining today!

Lauren back on Feather and she actually did some low jumps.

Lauren back on Feather and she actually did some low jumps.

Dev continued his work with my mare Kalani.  Snowboy did not even gaze up as the two worked around the arena.  He was pretty busy with the new green grass brought on by the early fall rains.

Dev and Kalani with Snowboy grazing on the hill.

Dev and Kalani with Snowboy grazing on the hill


I am still working to conclude the details of my mother’s life. I have a few jewelry boxes filled pink necklaces and trendy bracelets. I want to consolidate the stuff the girls or I may ever use and get rid of the rest. I still find myself leaving work headed in the direction of her place. Habits die-hard and I miss her dearly.

Ally and her kids have been horribly sick with ear infections, fever and vomiting.  Ally actually has an ear infection as well and is totally miserable.  I suspect the drugs will start kicking in today but sometimes I think we need a little reminder what our children go through.  At this point, Ally wouldn’t wish an ear infection on her worst enemy.  Hope it is better soon.

The days are getting shorter, dark is coming sooner.  We are settling into new routines and looking forward to the fall shows.  This maybe the first fall since 2004 that Lauren will not be riding boldly into the ring.  But when she is ready, I will be there to support her.

That's all folks!

That’s all folks!  Photo by Mia Kuchner