A fine time-

Pink skies of dawn coloring the barn.

Pink skies of dawn coloring the barn.

My mother’s bed had collapsed at her place and despite several attempts to fix it, we finally declared it unfit for her and decided to give it to Lauren.  Actually, I have ordered a new frame for my mom’s bed and hopefully have fixed the one Lauren will have.  It just made sense to paint Lauren’ s room as long as we had to move her bed to my room.  It was a little like musical beds.  What ever bed ends up in your room is what you sleep on.

We have lived here almost seven years.  Lauren is a little bit of a pack rat, plus her room is small and storage limited.  What a mess!  But it is repainted and totally clean now so that was real bonus.

Lauren has a million horse show ribbons or so it seems.  We kept her top ribbons and boxed the rest.  From Pinterest she got a good idea as to how to display them.


This morning, as the pink skies welcomed us to the new day, we took Feather for a lesson with Dev.  After almost 18 months of baby steps, Lauren was a little out of her comfort zone as she faced some bigger jumps.  She had a little trouble getting all the details right, too fast, too slow, or not straight enough.

After a few jumps, Dev proclaimed, “when you don’t think, you do great!”  I am sure this related to her tendency to over think her riding, but it was still pretty funny.

We went by mom’s before lunch to find her dressed once again in the pretty floral blouse I had gotten her for the luau.  I guess that was a hit!

This afternoon, found me riding Mickey and Lauren up on Bruno.  It took a good ten minutes before Bruno settled in to work.  But when he did, he looked vibrant and strong.


This horse’s stride is huge!  The fence poles are spaced ten feet apart.  Without pushing him, he covering at least 15 feet in one stride.  Wow, that should cover some ground once we get him in the jumper ring.  I like seeing Lauren quiet in the saddle, letting the big man stretch out and find his own pace.  We have set up two small jumps for Bruno to go over to continue his education over fences.  Today went better than the last time.  He is alert and waiting for the little pole.

Attentive and ready!

Attentive and ready!

Bruno had quite a long workout today and seems to be holding up well to the rigorous training.  He has kept his casted shoe on a little over four weeks which is a new record!  I keep watching him for any signs of lameness, but he is moving fluidly and strong.

I have an infection in my molar and scheduled for a root canal tomorrow.  It hurts pretty badly but I cannot say I am looking forward to the procedure.  It clearly will not be a fine time.

As always, thanks for riding along and keep us in your prayers.

Lula getting a lift back to the barn.  Kona said he wanted to ride, too!

Lula getting a lift back to the barn. Kona said he wanted to ride, too!