Bruno-Post Operative Day 31

Apparently, the supplements we are using for Bruno's hooves are working on his coat.  Pretty Boy!

Apparently, the supplements we are using for Bruno’s hooves are working on his coat. Pretty Boy!

I guess it is just a time of milestones.  I published my 200th post the other day.  That was a big milestone for me-and I guess some of you are still reading along so that is great as well.

Bruno went in for surgery to cure an infection in his front hoof one month ago yesterday.  Although my vet, Lynn Criner, DVM., thought the infection went to the coffin bone, none of the vets consulted agreed.  But when Dr. Chad Marsh got into the hoof, the infection did in fact spread into the bone.  That required more cutting and more down time for Bruno.  I said from the beginning that I was good at growing hoof (I have a special mixture of biotin that makes hooves grow and coats shine) so I felt like if we could get the infection out, we could succeed at growing new, strong hoof in its place.

A quick look through my posts of the last month will tell the story of Bruno’s recovery so far.  To summarize:

  • He spent nine days at TAMU.
  • He has been confined to his stall for 31 days except for a few brief moments when he escaped, rolled and ran.
  • He has been quiet and reserved for his long confinement except for the one night his buddy Kid took a walk-about and he almost went nuts trying to find him.
  • Lauren has changed his bandage ten times using miles of gauze and tape.
  • We have cleaned his stall a minimum of four times a day since he came home using pounds and pounds of shavings.0 112912 crack

Above- the crack in the hoof when we first got him-prior to his diagnosis with an infection in the coffin bone.  All anyone could tell me was this crack would not go away. (Nov. 29, 2012)

0 122112 crackShortly after surgery when they were able to get a shoe on him.  Still big gap between the shoe and any hoof.

Northeast Wharton-20130120-00414Okay, this is not pretty but look how much the new hoof has grown down and how the new flesh is filling in.  It was probably an inch or so from his hairline above and now (look for the white hairs of his leg) it has probably grown an inch plus filling in the old crack.  Lots of work left but WOW!  (Jan. 20, 2013)

IMG-20121231-00361About a week after surgery, you can see daylight through the bottom of his foot. (Dec. 31, 2012)

Northeast Wharton-20130120-00415

Sorry for the shaky photo but what is clear is that the hoof is growing and filling in.  No more daylight to be seen.

We go back to A&M on January 28th.  I am pretty sure that Dr. Marsh will be happy with Bruno’s progress. The best news is we are now 31 days closer to Bruno returning to the ring!

Day One-Starts Now!-A Bruno Story

Mimi is a 13 hand Welsh pony.  Bruno is big.

Mimi is a 13 hand Welsh pony. Bruno is big.

It has been a long day waiting for the call from Dr. Marsh.  The surgery was scheduled for 1:00 pm.  I had been watching the clock all day.  Two o’clock came and went as did three and four.  When 5:00 rolled around, I tried to call the vet hospital knowing it was unlikely I would get cell reception once I got out in the country near my home.  A polite receptionist told me Dr. Marsh was not available.

Finally, the call came in.  Dr. Marsh reported that the surgery had gone well.  He had said yesterday that he doubted the infection would go to the bone, although Dr. Criner had felt it was involved from the start.  The infection did go up through his hoof directly into the coffin bone.   There was abnormal tissue, pus and other signs of infection along the way.  They were successful in totally cleaning all the infection out of the area leaving clean, healthy bone in its place.  So, more of the hoof got cut away than we had hoped but all the infection is now gone and we can go forward with new, healthy tissue. 

Due to the way the hoof was cut, it will be possible to get a special shoe on him, one with a treatment plate that unscrews off the bottom so we can dress and treat the hoof but keep it protected as well. 

Dr. Marsh said Bruno was a trooper.  He handled the anesthesia and the surgery well and was resting comfortably now in a big stall.  He did say tomorrow might be a little rougher for him. 

Just like at the people hospitals, Dr. Marsh was urging Bruno’s release as soon as he could handle it.  Maybe Sunday or Monday, we will see how he is doing and what the bill is so far and then decide if it is time for him to come home. 

As far as I am concerned, I am marking this as day one of his recovery and his road to the show ring.  Maybe my Christmas present next year will be seeing him soundly walk, trot and canter.  That would be pretty terrific!