Feather flys In Oklahoma City

The Gateway of Champions at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

The Gateway of Champions at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

As all things in life, there is never a perfect time for anything.  Lauren has never in all these years, showed her horse out-of-state.  We had planned and scheduled the OKC trip long before we had heard of Pultar Road or contemplated moving.  And it was long before Ally and Luke scheduled a cruise with the kids sharing time at both their grandparents which they will leave for this weekend.  And it was before we had boarders in our barn or seven horses to care for daily.  And most importantly it was before my mom started her rapid decline into ill-health.

Had we known any or all of these things, perhaps I would not be at work, afraid to journey anywhere while awaiting news on my momma (of course, I am so crazy busy at work, that I could not have gone anyway but I like to think I could be at her side as she heads into the ring).

For weeks we have debated if Lauren would really go.  I did not want her to go-just selfishly. I can barely manage my life and my mom without the added extras of the barn.  But Ally has stepped up and made an excellent barn manager in Lauren’s absence.  Not only is she doing all the barn chores efficiently but I came home yesterday to the trash already set out, a chore that involves moving the heavy cans down the long, winding drive.

Bruno has come up lame again-both front feet this time.  It appears he has abscesses brewing in the good foot and the bad foot has just had the shoe torn off too many times.  He is sporting wraps on both feet and Ally is getting to be a pro wrapper, quick with the tape, fast with the vet wrap.  Jordyn knows how  make a duct tape boot which perhaps we can illustrate here for other needy horse owners.  Point is they have really stepped up to help.

Bru's feet wrapped up once again.

Bru’s feet wrapped up once again.

That adds a whole lot of extra time to the daily routine as Bruno walks around like he is on broken glass.  Carefully stepping down with his badly aching feet.  We got x-rays back last night and think this is just a minor set-back.  The vet and farrier are actively developing an action plan and hopefully he will be back to work soon.

Lauren took Feather and boarder Cody to Dev’s Sunday night where they would start their trip to Oklahoma in his trailer the next morning.  Feather had been bathed, clipped and whitened to get ready for her first trip across state lines to show.  Cody, previously AQHA World and Reserve World Champion in Jumpers in OKC, told Feather it was really no big deal.

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It all got a little crazy right before Lauren, Libby, Feather and Cody were supposed to leave.  Dr.Criner and farrier Sean showed up to check out Bruno.  Ally and family showed up so Jordyn could ride.  Dr. Criner’s son and husband were along for the Sunday ride as well.  For my poor OCD daughter who likes everything ordered and structured it was almost too much.  Trailers and vehicles angled across the drive.  Lauren was struggling to pack last-minute hay and feed. But they got safely off and safely onto to Oklahoma City.

This morning was their first time in the show ring and I got a text full of excitement and joy.  Their first round had been a good one!

I know I have some Oklahoma kin who might want to wonder over to the Fairgrounds and keep an eye on Feather and Lauren for me.  They will be showing through Sunday.  Here is the link to the schedule and she should be in the main coliseum each morning doing the  1.0, 1.05 meter and perhaps the 1.10 meter if things go well.

I say “Go Oklahoma Go!”  it is the Go Show after all!

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