From the Ice and Cold, the Pony Arrives

This is Hopscotch, whom Jordyn is calling Piper.

This is Hopscotch, whom Jordyn is calling Piper.

Jordyn after school yesterday looking pretty happy with Piper.

Jordyn after school yesterday looking pretty happy with Piper.

Jordyn used Lauren’s jumper Mickey for lessons for most of this year.  Her pony, Snowboy was being leased by another rider in the barn and Mickey was filling the bill fine.  One of last year’s goals for Jordyn was to trot and she has been very successful.  She can do a posting trot now and occasionally even gets the correct diagonal.

Jordyn started riding Snow again in hopes of achieving her 2015  goal of cantering.  Snowboy, at an estimated 22 years of age, seems to have had it with hauling the little kids around.  He is still very good for a kid over 90 pounds or an adult but for Jordyn, he was taking all her energy to just keep him in a trot.

Around Christmas time we decided to sell my horse, Kalani, and find a quiet, easy pony for Jordyn.  Not to go into a whole ‘back in my day’ tirade, but one thing that is a whole lot easy now is buying a horse.  Once upon a time, you relied upon neighbors, other training barns or the classifieds to find a horse.

Facebook is now quite a source for buying and selling horses.  Within hours of stating we were on the search for a new pony, we had leads on steeds from all over the US.  The two ponies that we liked best were both on the East Coast. The one we ended up with posted a sale ad in morning, by mid-afternoon their YouTube video had over 500 views.  We had been the first to talk to this trainer in South Carolina and she called us back to tell us she had two full price offers on the pony we wanted for Jordyn.  We told her we would meet that price and buy the pony.

I have bought a couple of horses/ponies sight unseen, and not touched or ridden by us.  It is scary but it is the way of the world these days.  We all agreed, signed some papers, Paypaled (should that have one L or two?) some money and set up an inexpensive shipper.  We were pretty happy.  That was nearly two weeks ago.

The cold fell on the east coast and first the shipper couldn’t get out of New York state as the water was freezing in the water buckets of the trailer.  Then they had trouble with rain and ice as they made their way down the coast to South Carolina.  In the beginning, I figured for sure I would still be home to see the pony come, but as the days became weeks, knew I would miss out.

Sure enough, the shipper called and estimated she would be at our place sometime Sunday night/Monday morning.  As I awakened for work yesterday I figured I must have slept through the pony’s arrival.  I headed out to resume my routine of feeding the horses on my first day back at work, to have Lauren follow me out the door.  Lauren does not get up at 4:30 in the morning, especially in the cold without a compelling reason.  The pony was just arriving.

Jordyn meeting her pony for the first time! Note-it is still pitch black behind the stall slats.

Jordyn meeting her pony for the first time! Note-it is still pitch black behind the stall slats.

Quietly and without any apprehension, the small bay pony unloaded off the big rig, walked across our pasture in the cold mist and took up her new home next to Betty Sue in the mare’s barn.  We called Ally who went to tell Jordyn that her pony had finally arrived.  Jordyn bolted out of bed, dressed quickly, brushed her teeth and begged her mom to take her to Granny’s to see the new pony.  It might have 5:30 am by then.  I was headed out to work before Jo arrived but the first picture of the two says a lot.  Jordyn’s call to me to proclaim, “Thank you, Thank you, Granny!!” said even more.

Last night, I couldn’t wait to get out to the barn, get the blanket off the pony and see what we really had.  We have had days of cold rain so a ride was out of the question but Jordyn and I had fun grooming Piper, admiring her cute face, long forelock and silky tail.

We have owned Snowboy for over ten years, I hope this pony is as good as he has been for us and earns Jo all the ribbons she deserves.  I did make it clear to her that this pony is for all the grandkids.  Piper will have a lot of master’s to serve.

Thanks for being part of our journey!

Piper settled in and having some hay.

Piper settled in and having some hay.

Nothing special but it was!

It was a good weekend at Six Meadow Farm maybe not because we did anything special but because we did not.  It was a weekend for chores and horses and family.

Friday I got momma to the doctor for the first time in Texas and she was pronounced healthy and doing well except for needing to eat a little more.  We can work on that.    Then I picked up Jordyn for a sleepover.  I don’t often express it, but am so grateful and humbled to be able to share my life with my grandchildren.  I look forward to Jo’s visit all week-long. 

Friday night, Jordyn was determined to ride the new pony Mimi.  It had not worked out the week before with schedules so we were going to do it first thing this week.  Lauren and I saddled up Mimi, Mickey and Feather with Jordyn knowledgeably helping brush and groom. All the horses were a little fresh and I was skeptical about letting Jo get on Mimi.  Remember, this is a young, and for all intents and purposes, unbroken horse.  Mimi also has a history of dropping her riders to the ground.  But Jordyn was determined.  I was determined to hold on to Mimi no matter what.  We went to the mounting block and Jo climbed aboard.  For a moment, I thought we might be in trouble and then Mimi seemed to make her mind up that she would cooperate with Jordyn.  So, off we went.  Mimi was a trooper.  Jordyn was very proud of herself.  It was a little inspiring to watch them (or would be if Jo had any idea how fast Mimi could have put her on the ground).

After that, Jo rode (sat on while we walked around) both Mickey and Feather.  Big stuff.  Mickey and Feather worked well for Lauren.

My email pinged as we went in with word from University of California that Mickey does not have the Impressive disease-he is HYPP/NN.  Amazing news.  I am so grateful that we will not have to fight the HYPP battle.

Saturday we went to the Equestrian Center to take a saddle to be checked, take some shots for Snowboy (Dev will give later) and to watch a few rounds of the show.  It felt odd not to be able to be there with Mickey.  Hopefully, he will be back soon.  The high point for Jordyn was to be able to see and then meet part of the family that is related to Harry DeLeyer the owner of Snowman, for whom the book the Eighty Dollar Champion was written.  Snowman, The Cinderella Horse, (a children’s book about the same horse) is Jo’s favorite book.  She studiously shook hands with young AJ DeLeyer and seemed a little in awe.  AJ told us his grandfather would be coming to Houston in January to do a motivational speech.  Count the Davis’ in-I would love to meet this man who won the national championship on a horse he bought from the butcher for $80.

Later Lauren and I visited Nanny.  She was so excited to see us.  I just want to go to see her face light up.

We rode Mickey and Feather out on the hay road.  I don’t want to jinx myself but he did not cough once.  We had several good long trots.  It was a beautiful evening. 

Really glad I did not walk through this on my way to feed this morning!

This morning we got up to heavy fog with sun starting to peek through.  Nature had been busy overnight spinning webs that shone in the morning light. 

Today, as we started getting the horses ready to ride, everyone was acting goofy.  Feather has never done well with tying but today she reared multiple times and was just acting dumb.  Mickey and Mimi were not incredibly agreeable either.   I rode Feather (who is much easier to ride since all Dev’s and Lauren’s work).  We picked up the right lead (her tough one) the first time!  Lauren had a good solid ride on Mickey and the coughing was minimal.  Bravo!

We rounded out the morning with Lauren getting on Mimi and taking her on her first trot.  Mimi is doing very well.

I went and picked up my mom and she came to watch her Broncos play my Texans.  We figured out she had lived over 50 years in Denver so she was cheering on Denver as I cheered for the Texans.  Texans won-yeah!  Denver needs to knock off the whole trying to kill our quarterback thing.

I made an old recipe of my sister’s that mom seemed to really enjoy.  It was a nice change to have a good Sunday dinner.  Might want to make it our new traditions.  So good have her here, in my life.