Hot times in the Summer

Jp and Alice-run out of their cool tack room by Control Cat-lounge around in the cool dirt.

Jp and Alice-run out of their cool tack room by Control Cat-lounge around in the cool dirt.

Some days around the barn are just catch up days.  The heat index has exceeded 100 degrees for several days now and rain is no where in the forecast.  I felt like I needed to strap on the Gatroade IV and just get going. Since we have made the decision to bring Snowboy back home,  we will need to get moving on some neglected chores.  We have two stalls devoted to hay storage-one for coastal hay and one for alfalfa.  We will have to merge the hay rooms (which will reduce our winter storage capacity) to make a stall for Snow.

I started cleaning out the ‘to-be-Snowboy’ stall.  There were a lot spider webs and spiders in the many things haphazardly thrown into the extra stall.  I am not freaked out by spiders like my friends Gaylyn, other Lauren and Chelsie.  But… I do not want them touching me or biting me.  Being covered in sweat let all the webs and dust adhere to me-I was one attractive women when these chores were done.

In the past, I have brought the small mower over and mowed the bit of grass that grows under the barn roof along the fence line.  I decided that was way too much work.  Instead, I engaged Pixie the-cleaner-upper to work her way down the fenceline.  The work got done and she got some special attention.

Pixie, the ultimate weed eater!

Pixie, the ultimate weed eater!

I threw out all the old cat food that had sat in the various feed bowls since Control Cat moved in necessitating the set up of multiple feed stations since the other cats could no longer go in the tack room.  Kona and Lula were on hand to clean up all the cat food.  What a helpful group of animals I have. 

At one point into the hot summer morning, I saw Kona, with his long, black coat , overdue for a clipping, just hop into the horse’s water trough.  He stood there for some time just languishing in the cool water.  I know Kid was not going to be happy with him for getting dirt in the tank but Kona did not care.  Kid only likes to drink out of clean water troughs.  Water is at a premium, Kid, buck up!

I got Pixie saddled for a ride.  I texted Lauren to let her know I was riding alone (always a good idea).  First, I thought I would try lunging the little pony, who has recently come into heat.  Boy, was she feeling like a hormonal mare!  I cinched up the girth and she angrily stared at me like I was puncturing her uterus.  When I got her on the lunge line, I really wasn’t thinking and immediately as we started off at a trot, she bolted off, yanking the lunge line out of my hands (must have been watching the ‘Feather bolts on the lunge line show’ of the other night) and took off out the open gate (should have shut the gate as well).  I was feeling hot and stupid at this point.  I went, collected the mare, tied her up, went back to the tack room for gloves and my helmet and started over again. 

The gloves let me keep a firm hold on the line.  The helmet protected me as she raced and kicked at my head.  Fun times!  But it did get a lot energy worked out of the pony, before I stepped in the saddle.  She was still wanting to duck and buck but we came to an understanding pretty quickly.  As Robert Earl Keen says there is nothing like a mother bucking mare! And I did not want to be the mother she bucked off.

Later, I went to visit my mom and she is deep in her own fantasy island.  She told me Jim had stopped by and brought her the new outfit she was wearing (which was a pink sweat suit circa 1990).  She talked excitedly about how they had gone out for brunch and what a wonderful time she had.  Far be it for me to insert any dose of realty to a happy woman.  I just let her croon on about Jim and being so pleased to see him.  I know he misses her and would be here to visit if he could. 

Hot times continue.  Thank you for riding along!