Mother’s Day

Kona and Lauren ballroom dancing (he has his ball and they are dancing in the living room).

Kona and Lauren ballroom dancing (he has his ball and they are dancing in the living room).

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there -both the human and animal nurturing types.  We have had a quiet day here.  Lauren got up and fed the horses, dogs and cats this morning so I got to stay in bed!  Yeah-great present.  Both of my other two daughters were quick to send mother’s day wishes and chocolate covered strawberries, so while I miss seeing them, I will power on.

I decided Bruno and Kid could try out the front pasture today for the first time as the arena and paddock are too muddy for them to chance pulling a shoe.  Lauren was not excited about this plan and she knew Bruno would run.  Wet spots still abound even in this pasture but we are trying to work up to getting Bruno to a pasture with more grass.  I had Bruno’s steady companion Kid and Lauren had Bru on the stud chain.  It got a little exciting before we got them released.  Kid ran quite a bit with Bruno, mainly trying to stay out of his way, but within about five minutes most of the fireworks were over.  Both horses seemed to enjoy  the fresh green grass and warm sun.

Bruno managed to find mud to roll in and quickly covered himself in it.  I helped Lauren give him his first bubble bath since we have owned him.  When we got him, it was turning colder, and then we had months where we could not get his hoof wet.  I have to say someone did a pretty good job with him as he stood quietly as we blasted his face and head with cold water.  His back white socks will need some more work before they gleam shiny and clean like Feather’s but we can work on that.

Feather continued to improve today.  No swelling in her legs, great appetite, and decreased stools (did you ever think you would read a blog about the bowel habits of a horse?).

Lauren made a wonderful Chicken Divan casserole and an old jello salad recipe of my Aunt Nova’s.  We picked up my mom around noon and I was gratified to see her so happy and also to have her eat so well.  She ate everything on her plate and enjoyed the Oreo Pie dessert as well.  I have not seen her look so good for a while.

Lauren after dancing with Kona, who her nanny said was showing his “lip-stick”, is off to see Blake.  I am happy all are home, well and safe.  Happy day to you all.

Don't ever put the ball down is Kona's motto!

Don’t ever put the ball down is Kona’s motto!