Time Hop

Mr. Kid and I the last day of his life.  Still sound under saddle at 32 years of age.

Mr. Kid and I the last day of his life. Still sound under saddle at 32 years of age.


The Time Hop feature on Ally’s phone reminded her that on Friday, it had been exactly one year since I had given my 32 year-old horse, Kid, his last good day and then  had him euthanized.  Kid had been my best boy most of these Texas years from 2003 forward when I first talked Sarah into trusting me with her barrel horse that was ready for retirement. Oh, how I loved that horse and how he changed our lives here.  Leading to a new boarding barn where we met life-long friends, where we became part of something good.

I was so proud of Kid.  He was the absolute picture perfect quarter horse, not the halter-bull-dog type (as my daddy would have said) but the racing quarter horse.  Standing almost 15.2 hands and running about 1000 pounds of lean, perfect muscle.  He was the fastest horse running barrels on the Houston  non-pro circuit at age 20.  That is pretty fast.  He could also jump, take the kids for a ride or be the best behaved horse in the barn or trailer.  But make no mistake about it, he performed best for me and he was all my boy.  Lauren never had any success riding him, at least not after she past age 12.  I guess he considered her fair game then and he tested her all the time.

Looking swell at 30.

Looking swell at 30.

Since Kid has been gone, I have been on the search for a replacement.  I had Bruno back then, but never really rode him much.  I got Betty Sue and love her dearly but am not going to be riding her any time soon.  I thought the mare Kalani was my ticket back to having my own horse again, but that ended badly (except that she went to a great home).

Honestly (and don’t tell anyone), I haven’t really enjoyed riding for at least the last three years.  My hips, pelvis and knees hurt so much ten minutes into saddle time, that it wasn’t much fun. In fact, by this last fall,  I had essentially quit riding.  Then I had my other hip replaced.  I couldn’t ride then.

But some pretty great things conspired to happen all at once.  First, I have ridden four days  in a row now, and it doesn’t hurt!  I mean it is  like a miracle. Second, I found this ad for a mare named Nova who was born on January 19th.  Some of you will get this instantly.  My favorite aunt and my Godmother was named Nova.  Nova is an unusual name and yet this will be my second horse to carry this name.  January 19th was my father’s birthday and I don’t have to tell you what that means to me.  I was  looking for signs and these were good enough for me.

Nova, a paint mare, registered as Investment Art, is a pretty good looking girl.

Nova, a paint mare, registered as Investment Art, is a pretty good-looking girl.

The other things that were imperative in my next horse, was good training and a quiet nature. This mare has both in spades.   She also stands a solid 16.2 hands, so might be brought along to jump a jump a two.

What I did not realize at all until Ally’s phone Time Hopped us, was that I had just negotiated a deal to buy Nova, exactly one year to the day from when Kid took his final steps.  We will see what life has in store for me but I am really hoping this mare lives to be the same 32 years old as Kid, and I am able to ride her every step of the way.

Happy, blessed Easter day to you all!!

I love the flaxen mane and tail!

I love the flaxen mane and tail!


On the Hunt for a Mare

Ally riding Mac.

Ally riding Mac, a registered Quarter horse.

My daughter Ally, mother of Kendyll and Jordyn, gets mentioned frequently on this blog, but not that often in the context of riding.  Ally started riding in grade school in Florida at a hunter/jumper barn.  When we bought our first Florida horse, and then her first Quarter horse, a Rugged Lark mare, she rode under the direction of Kit Kope who is now a top Paint Horse judge.  Something about that time with Kit has always stuck with her because Paint horses are hands down her favorite.

Since the loss of our horse Kid, and since moving to the new house, I have been on the look-out for a horse.  I know, I am always on the look-out for a top horse for little money, its what I do, but this time it is different.  I have put off my riding for Lauren’s riding or for buying a horse that would be quick to sell.  I ride a lot but I have no horse that is mine.  The same is true of Ally.  She wants to ride more now that we are close.  We have Mickey and Bruno.  Mickey is fine for me to ride, just not a horse I connect with too well, same for Ally.  His major forte is jumping and we are not interested.

And riding Bruno, well, I am hoping one of Ally’s Florida friends hits it off with him.  I would like to see him ridden more.  If not, I will be buying a big girth and saddling him up in my western barrel saddle.  He needs to be worked and I am a chicken (and old) so just going to go with what I am comfortable with.  He will be the largest western horse in history!

I also put down on my bucket list to have babies born on my own farm and while my daughters might comply, I am referring to horse babies.  My cousin reminds me not to wait too long.  As does the owner of Flagmount’s Freedom (Feather’s sire) whom I want to be the father of said babies.  So, I need a mare.

It would be even be more awesome if I could find in the horse I want to ride and share with Ally, to also be the mother of the horse babies.  I didn’t think I was asking a lot but apparently I am.

Here are a few I have looked at:

Try Delta-you know maybe I should.

Try Delta-you know maybe I should.

This is a three-year-old off the track thoroughbred that is the granddaughter of AP Indy (just like Bruno).  I love Bruno and this way Feather and Bruno would both be represented in this mare’s baby.There is a lot that is good about this mare, except she is three.  The last thing I want is a three year old to work with, especially to ride.  But…I am still checking to see if she has been sold and still can see her nicking well with Flag and producing quite a magnificent foal.  Then my vet just had to send me the text the day after the Derby that California Chrome is an AP Indy great-granddaughter. One more thing in this mare favor, except, then I remember she is three.

I have been all over the usual horse sale sites.  In a perfect world, I am looking for a 15.2 to 16.1 hand paint, quarter horse or thoroughbred that is not the heavy stocky look but the more refined, lighter boned variety.  Oh, and one that has great ground manners, is quiet and easy to ride.  Anyone have one of those?  Because it is not going well in my search.

I got real excited to learn a local thoroughbred breeder was going to close her business.  Off Lauren, Ally and I went to check out three horses that promised to be exactly what we wanted.



This mare had several foals.  Many were on-site.  She was said to be quiet and easy to handle.  She is 16.  I figured it would be a great fit.  We arrived at one of the most beautiful horse properties that I have seen, the rolling pastures and well-kept horses, it was amazing.  However, they had just separated this mare from her pasture mate and she was frantically searching for her.  Up and down the paddock she went and there was no way I would convince Ally that this was a quiet, easy to handle horse.  Check her off the list!

QueenLadifa-daughter of Ladifa

QueenLadifa-daughter of Ladifa

Then I easily went and caught this seven-year old daughter of the horse above.  I saddled her up and it was like I was back riding Kid. She was very quiet, well-mannered and easy to ride.  But Dev was texting he didn’t like her neck and shoulder.  Both Dev and doc Lynn thought something was going on in her hind end.  So much for the Queen!

She has a chip in her knee, how fast could she be?

She has a chip in her knee, how fast could she be?

Finally, I looked at this 11-year-old.  She was quiet and sweet.  She had successfully had babies. She was a good mom.  She could be ridden lightly as she had a bone chip in her knee.  I figured that would limit her running off with us.  But Ally had to get back to pick up kids and I didn’t ride her.  As we left I was pretty set on taking her.  But as time went on, I just haven’t felt a connection to her so the search continues.

Let me know if you have the perfect horse for Ally and I and one who can also be the bride of Flagmount.  If only Mickey or Bruno was a mare!  Then we would have a perfect solution.


Thank you all again for the cards you have sent to my mom.  She is doing a little better day by day.