Daylight Fun Nights– Lenton Writings #14

Between being off celebrating my birthday on a cruise and day after day of rain I have seen my Houston-based grandchildren very little. Certainly we have not been out to ride together.
Last night on the fly I asked Ally if they wanted to come over and eat pizza.  I have two poodles (of course) and Ally’s family has one. They all go to the same groomer. The girls drop them off and I pick them up on my way home from work. It was grooming day so a perfect day for all of us to meet up since they had to come over to get their dog anyway. 

As I was driving home from the groomer I got a text that asked if the girls could stay on after dinner and ride. Since little Kendyll did her Secretariat inspired run on Diva, subsequently falling off, she has been less inclined to want to ride. Jordyn just hasn’t been on the back of a horse for a while.
While things were drying up and not perfect riding conditions,  it was good enough for an evening ride with the added bonus of daylight savings time giving us much more sunlight to enjoy.

We headed out to the arena, me with Nova, Jordyn with Mickey and Kendyll planning to ride Diva. But Diva was a little full of it and Kendyll was a little reluctant and one thing lead to another which put Kendyll riding double along with granny.

It is in the spontaneous moments that fun florishes. With this change, Lauren decided to get on Diva, with her shorts, bare legs and non-riding shoes. Diva was dressed with Jordyn’s saddle and just a halter and lead rope. Kendyll and I had a lot of fun walking over trot poles and around jumps.
Diva actually looked great having come back from her adventure of being stuck in the fence to being completely sound and ready to go. In fact in the little time that Lauren worked her at the trot and the canter, I don’t know that I’ve never seen her go so fluently and quietly. That was nice to see. I suggested that we head out and ride around the pasture since all the other horses were up in their stalls. 

Jordan was a little skeptical of her ability to control Mickey but we assured her she would be fine. Off we trooped down and around the pasture with all the dogs following behind. 
We have a hill in the bottom pasture where we dumped all the sod and dirt we had taken out of the arena when we constructed it. Kendyll and I went up one side and down the other with her laughing all the way.

I like the idea of riding double as Kendyll was getting all the feel of riding (and could adequately identify whatever gait we were in) while not having to worry about the steering or the horse running off.  It was pretty great. 

It was nice to see the pastures with the grass growing so green and lush. Apparently, the rain was good for something. We also surveyed the damage from the winter storms. We had a few fallen trees and branches. 

Wasn’t long before Lauren decided riding Diva in shorts and in Jordyn’s tiny saddle was not that wonderful and she wanted off. Jordyn chose to get off at that time too. Kendyll and I just kept on going pausing for a few minutes for a photo and then heading on down the driveway.  

Finally, it was time to call it a night. We did spend a few minutes before going in playing with Sims. He wanted to hang out real close to me. I just wanted to take his picture with Jordyn!

 I think both girls had a nice time and I sure enjoyed being with them. It is these impromptu opportunities to enjoy my family and my horses that means so much to me. 

I hope if you’re in the Northeast you’re hunkered down and staying warm and safe. Storms have moved on from here and we are glad. As always, thanks for riding along.