Hour by Hour

May God Bless her and keep her.

May God Bless her and keep her.

Just a short post to update friends and family that my mother who was placed in Hospice care a while back, took a turn for the worst on Thursday morning.  She is 90 years old and has had a tremendous life but time is running out now.

The hospice case worker told us Thursday that time was being measured day to day.  On Friday, due to dropping blood pressure and other symptoms that was changed to hour by hour.  As in she could die any hour.  She is being kept comfortable and seems peaceful.  We have all said our goodbyes and tried to tell her stories to celebrate her life.

I am, of course, having trouble believing this is really “it”,  After all, my momma has always been with me.  My nurse daughter Amber talked with the hospice nurse long-distance from Denver yesterday.  She quietly but simply assured me last night that this was not a drill.  My momma is leaving this earth.

The plan will be to take her to Denver for burial next to my father and sister when she passes away.  Meanwhile, I keep waiting for the phone to ring with the news she is gone.

Please keep us in your prayers especially my dear mother.