What’s Under the Mask?


Baby Sims has been hiding out under a fly mask.

Baby Sims will be two months next week.  He has changed a lot.  We did not know what to think of his red coat as the odds were quite low (under 13%) that he would be a red.  And that includes being a red that turns gray.

I have certainly never seen anything like this.  You can see his baby coat is molting away.  Betty Sue did that and I was panicked she was going to be a bay.  I have no idea what Sims is going for-maybe some new Punk rock thing or a unique color combo we have not seen before.  So far, his under-coat looks to be a darker red.  But his ears, mane and tail are coming in BLACK!  His legs have lightened in color like a dark palomino.  I am perplexed.

Everyone from my vet to successful horse breeders tell me a different tale.  So, take a look at the many pictures and give me your vote.    I was told he would be a chestnut with a black mane and tail.  I found out that does happen, rarely, but the black is not a true black. Mama Fargo does have some dilute genes that might be causing a little havoc here.


Sims is loosing all his baby hair around his face and coming in less red.  It  is like he is molting.

Meanwhile while he is certainly a well put together young man, more than just his face is changing.


His legs are turning lighter, almost his mother’s Palomino color But wait for his mane and tail.

At least an inch on new mane growth is black.

I have never seen a horse born red that turns anything but grey. He looks like one of the teenager’s talked him into some weird Ombre look.   And you don’t go  black first and then onto grey.  Even his ears are almost all black now.



The tail still looks red but is black underneath.

sims tail 0717

I am holding back the top layer-black wouldn’t you say?

There is only one other idea I have (and I can’t wait to hear yours!) could he be turning smoky black?  Fargo has the genes for that.  Look at this picture I took of Fargo.  Looks perfect Palomino, but check out the black deep in her tail.  Hum…


                            Fargo’s blond and black tail.  So the black gene is there.

Anyway, here are some more pictures from today-it did start raining so you will get some spotted Sims but rest assured those are rain drops.

A melting changing face. Look at how dark his ears and forelock are. Pretty homely ‘lil face.  We will still love him no matter what color he is!

Hard to even know what this is- it is the top of Sims Head. That’s his dark ear on your right looking down his black and red mane. Pretty black, huh?


Here you can see his new light, light legs. A dun skin?

Let me know what color you think Sims will be.  I want all the theories.  Maybe someone came by and dyed his little mane and tail, well and his ears and his legs.

Anyway,  thanks for riding along.

Always something new on the horizon here.  Cross your fingers, we are hoping a baby is being made as we speak!  It should be a good (or even a great one)!