Feather Bolts!

Mickey does not appreciate Jordyn!

Mickey does not appreciate Jordyn!

We have tried to get by, furthering Jordyn’s riding experience using the horses we have here.  It has been okay.  There have been times like above, where she has pulled too much in their mouths.  There have been times when the horses have been either too stubborn or too fast.  But we got by okay, until Jo went off to horse camp at Miss Dianne’s.  Then she learned to trot.

Jordyn has her own pony or I guess you could say, we have a pony, Snowboy, that we have had for years but Lauren can no longer show (and has moved past anyway in skill level) that we have lent to Dev to use for his beginner students.  Always with the caveat that he would come home when Jordyn was committed and ready to ride.  Honestly, she probably has been for some time, but I have dragged my feet.  We have five horses at our house now.  Five to feed, exercise, shoe, vet-well, you get the idea.  I did not need one more mouth to feed, etc.

Jordyn came down Thursday night to ride.  Lauren was riding Bruno.  I had Pixie saddled up.  We saddled Feather for Jordyn. Mickey was big time lame so there was no riding him.

No where in any horse planning book would it suggest to use such a young horse for such an inexperienced rider.  Jordyn got on.  She immediately had Feather walking around the arena and even successfully over the trot poles (which takes a lot steering and planning).  Still I was reluctant to let them go on while I got on Pixie.  I kept stalling.  I was worried big Bruno would get moving pretty fast and stir up Feather.  I wanted to be close by if anything happened.

Jordyn wanted to trot.  It is all she wants to do.  I was afraid.  I should go with my gut feelings.  I suggested putting her on the lunge line like we had Mickey.  I kind of forgot that Feather was not a great lunger-Mickey has years of experience-Feather is terrified of whips and things moving behind her.  STUPID!!!

Feather also has a trot that is not the simple western jog of Mickey but a big, flowing trot of a larger horse.  Things went okay for about one minute.  I held the lunge line and moved Feather forward from behind.  Jordyn was squealing ‘trot, trot!” and Feather obeyed.  But immediately Jordyn started bouncing in the saddle (not the smooth trot she was expecting) and Feather flat a** panicked!  I think Feather thought Jordyn had become a leopard which had pounced on her back.  I was still holding the lunge line and watched terrified as Feather bolted into a gallop.  In huge strides, she ran in the sand around as I stood helplessly.

I will give Jo credit as she hung on for at least five or six laps around our little lunge circle.  I finally got my wits about me and shortened the line to pull Feather to a stop.  When I did, Jordyn went flying off the tiny English saddle and landed screaming on her side.

As a mother or grandmother, there are few worse moments than when you see the young one bounce from the saddle.  The praying starts in earnest!  PLEASE let her be okay!  It was five of the worst minutes of my life as Jordyn lay in the sand.  Feather came tentatively over as if to say she was sorry-she just freaked out.

Jordyn, thankfully, is fine.  She has road rash from the sand on her face, chest and shoulders.  She has a sore back.  She has an impressive bruise on her leg.  But she was tough and determined and okay!

I do not have a horse that is safe for Jordyn to go to the next level beyond a walk with.  Regardless, of the extra work, it is time.  Time for Snowney, the white pony, to come home to Six Meadow Farm.  Jordyn’s birthday is September 4th.  He will be her birthday surprise.

They say God protects small children and fools.  I am grateful on both counts.

Life goes on

Jordyn sizing up Big Bruno before agreeing to get on.Perhaps she is saying a little prayer too.

I have to say I was more than a little disappointed yesterday.  But I marvel at God’s timing that he has brought this grand new horse here just when both Lauren and I need to focus somewhere other than on Mickey.

Today Ally, Luke, Jordyn and Kendyll met up with Lauren, my mom and I for a little Sunday supper.  It was a good day for momma.  She liked the place and enjoyed the food.  Last night I had found her dressed in the skirt she wore to Amber’s wedding with a tee shirt and tennis shoes on ready to go out.  Today she was just happy to be along for the ride.

Jordyn decided to go back to Granny’s house to get a peek at the new horse.  Now, remember we got him sight unseen.  We have never saddled him, never ridden him and have no idea what he might do.  He has a healing hoof so he is limited to slow work. 

We got Jordyn saddled and up on Feather and Lauren climbed in the irons on the broad back of Bruno for the very first time.  It was like Christmas around here.  Two beautiful five-year old horses with so much ahead of them and one five-year old girl who wants to be part of it all.  Gets your perspective back, it does!

Five-year old Jordyn on five-year old Feather facing not five-year Lauren on five-year Bruno.

It certainly brought the reality back to me that life is what we make it.  Perhaps Mickey is retired.  Perhaps he will win classes in the future.  We did all we could for him. 

It was not enough for Jordyn to take a spin on Feather.  She wanted to ride “Big Bruno”.  So we changed saddles and let them go.  He was wonderful with her.  To borrow from one of my fellow bloggers-I am overjoyed with gratitude.  Thanks for riding along, caring, praying and being a part of our journey. I am grateful for many things.

Off they go!