Another month, another color

000000fb Flagmount’s Semper Fi (Sims), shown above running with his family, turns three months old on the 24th.  In this large photo his coat is a mess, all sorts of colors and blotches.  I figured we could go ahead and get his new height, weight AND color du jour.

What does an average three-month old colt weigh? Babies average a weight gain of three to five pounds a DAY in the first few months.  Averaging at four pounds a day equals a foal about 360 pounds at the beginning of their third month.  Oh boy!

Sims weighed in (a few days short of three months) at an astounding 430 pounds and a little over 12.1 hands high. He likes his milk and momma has been able to keep up with him. He does get a small amount of food in his creep feeder. That is a specially designed feeder to keep momma out of his food.

More like momma needs to have her feeder mounted super high as he is tall enough now to help himself to her food.

The big story here?  We are pretty sure we know what color our red baby is going to be as a grown-up.

Turns out numbers don’t lie. I should know that. It was an over 60% chance that he would be grey.  And so he is.  My boy is turning grey. His legs are going dark. His mane and tail black. As you can see grey hairs are taking over his under coat. He is one messed up looking colt right now.

IMG_6935A colt of many colors!


The grey hairs are coming in and remember under that blond/red tail is dark black.


Look at his black mane! I cut a piece to save it as no one will ever believe his black to red ombre look when he a big, grey horse.

Gradually his dark legs, mane and tail will go grey as well. What a transformation.

Flag, his sire is grey as is Feather. One of our favorite ever Flag horses, Flagmount’s Sterling Prince, was a big grey. So it will be good to carry on the tradition.


This is Feather at five.  Still dark mane and legs but tail starting to go white.

Or I am crazy and he is just being tricky and keeping me on my toes!

Thanks for riding along!
Sending out happy birthday wishes to my sister Lynn on her 80th birthday!!  Love you!!