Top Students

Jordyn's school picture

Jordyn’s school picture

Students-well, this applies in multiple ways tonight.  Jordyn called me at work early this morning to tell me-“guess what, Granny?”  “What, Jo?”  “I am student of the month for January!”  What a nice thing-I mean she is in kindergarten so it not like she made the Harvard Law Review but still.  I am proud that she works hard and studies hard.

Likewise, our friend Caitlyn (the one who rode the national horse finals this year) was awarded another scholarship from yet another major university.  The decisions as to who will be named to each college’s NCAA equestrian team will not be known until April, so Caitlyn has yet to make a decision as to where she will be going, but what an honor.  She has worked hard to have the test scores, the grades and equestrian abilities to get noticed by the top schools.  She is exemplifying the word student-or more accurately Top Student.  I can’t wait to see where she ends up going!

And in Arizona, Jim continues to trudge along, re-learning what used to come so easily to him.  His basic skills, dressing, bathing,  and daily living activities are going well.  But his ability to say exactly what he thinks is a little impaired.  But he is a good student and improving each day.  How incredibly frustrating for such an articulate, intelligent man.  Now, the expected dismissal date home is Feb. 21st and I bet he makes it happen.

I have been challenged to learn all types of new things at work.  I have been overwhelmed, impatient, not the best of sports.  I am old.  I am needing to learn three new computer systems.  But today, suddenly, things clicked.  I have been covering one position and the newly hired employee is now in place (thank God!).  I found out today that I actually knew and understood way more than I thought.  There were multiple times when I had the right answer-oh, my goodness, it was amazing.

One of the other specialized reporting systems, that has given me trouble for the last two years, suddenly made sense.  I had to go ask two other co-workers to help me get it downloaded and operational (it takes a village to train me!) but we did it!  I was a little ridiculous, clapping my hands and exclaiming with glee.  I guess I can still be a student, too!  Top student, well, maybe not, but at least I am getting it done.

Congrats to all the students.  School, training, re-hab, are all tough jobs.  Well done.