River Rises and Falls-the Colt Grows


We jokingly talked about a life preserver for baby Sims (this is not him!) but it really wasn’t funny.

Throughout a desperate week we were threatened by the Bravos River flooding and expanding onto our farm.  Coupled with that were days and days of rain forecasted with daily amounts of rainfall in multiple inches.  Friends all around us were abandoning their properties and evacuating their horses to higher, dryer ground.

As close as our neighbor, two properties away, the river rolled up to his door flooding his home and heading for our street.  We talked with our friend Caroline almost directly across the river from us.  She had talked to the Emergency Management folks and made a decision as early as the first Saturday (the 28th) to evacuate her horses.  Lauren then became best friends with the Emergency Management team.  Calling sometimes several times a day, Lauren kept up with rise of the river.  I am pretty sure they knew her by name.

But they did a good job and they gave us accurate information. The roads closed more and more each day.  Finally, I just stayed home from work for fear I could not get back across the river to the farm. It was super stressful as we watched the river rise-seeing the river from our window was a little daunting.  And yet we were so lucky.  So many lost everything.  Animals drowned.  Homes were destroyed.

aaflood bridge

The Bravos River at Highway 90A coming up almost to the bridge


Our neighbor’s property as the River proceeds to the road

We rode out the flood and all stayed dried.  I enjoyed the time I had to get to know the new colt, Sims, as he grew and changed each day.  We caught up on some family time, seeing Ally and the girls, talking with Amber almost daily. As crazy as it seems, our arena stayed fairly dry.  Jordyn got rides in on her new horse, Diva, while I got back in the saddle on Nova.

But mostly after counting our blessings and trying not to lose our minds with worry, we just hung out with the baby.  Nothing like a new foal to keep your mind on happy!  In these first two weeks he has gained 25 pounds (and I thought only I could do that!) and has grown several inches.  Here is his cuteness—he is so friendly and adorable!


Like momma like baby-look at his reach with those legs!




Thank you to all the family and friends that continued to check on us and pray for us!!

We appreciate it so much.  Continue riding along for more shots of baby Sims!