Wicked Full Moon birth – Lenten writing # 37

The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas

With the full moon hanging sharply in the sky, I just knew a baby had come to join us on this earth. I’m waxing poetically but again it’s about a horse. 

One of my best friends, Gaylyn, had been lamenting to me earlier that day about when her baby horse would show up. I was reminded of the piece  I had written earlier this season about the remarkardly obstinent donkey momma. Babies; human, horse or otherwise do exactly what they want to do!  Years working for an OB taught me that. But, with that said, babies; human, horse or otherwise, seem to love the full moon. I don’t know what it is about it.

When I worked at the hospital we would staff up on the nights of the full moon. We knew the ER would be the repository for many fights, heart attacks,  mental breakdowns and of course, new babies.

Last night when I was already off to bed, exhausted after a busy weekend still trying to get all my meds straightened out, Lauren called me from the show to tell me my friend Gaylyn was looking for me.

And the baby had landed. For those of you who don’t get the reference, originally it was the eagle has landed. But anyway…

I snagged up my remaining boarder Lisa from in front of the barn and all but threw her into the front seat of my car so she could drive.   We headed off to Wharton to help out my friend. I don’t know that we were really a great deal of help, in situations like new babies, just having moral support is pretty important.

And the minute we arrived our eyes feasted on the sight of the new baby girl. She looked to be a little bay with few white marks. Perfectly proportioned, strong and determined. She was up nursing and just darling.

Picture perfect!! Could this be a grey? I say yea!

I am reminded of last year on Easter morning, and of my friend Lynn and her Flagmount baby born in the early dawn of that day. The filly was to be named Flagmount’s Trinity Rising. How incredibly appropriate on Easter Day. And this pre-– Palm Sunday baby will be our Easter gift this year.

The Momma, never, broke a sweat through the entire delivery. In fact,  she looked like she was one of those rich socialites who decided to just adopt a baby instead of ruining her beautiful coat and figure. She was absolutely stunning, markedly kind and wonderful for a first-time mother. She looked like she had just stepped out of the beauty parlor not from delivering a baby.

Gaylyn is still working on the names and I suspect it will be something wonderful. This baby is a lovely Quarter Horse by the top-reining sire Conquistador Whiz out of Shes Dashin For Love (Annie) by Terribly Wicked. I could have a lot of fun making a baby name out of all that.  For those of you not in the know-they like to take pieces of the ancestor’s name to make the baby’s name. 

So how about this one:

Wicked Love

Or here are a few others-

Shes dashing 2 take a whiz (fortunately, this can never happen because you are held 22 total letters and spaces). 

Terribly Wicked Sugar (there’s a Sugarita horse involved

Dashing Wicked Whizzard

 Finally, (wait for it) Dash2Whiz

I know, it is a gift!  

Happy Palm Sunday.  May you be blessed in the knowledge that you are blessed. Sometimes just remembering it is important. And I am also blessed to have you all riding along!  

Thank you!