Momma hanging with Lauren

Been enjoying a couple days off work for the Thanksgiving holiday. Mostly, anyway. We had been at moms last weekend and I had thought it was a little cool in her room. A cold front was moving through and I kept upping the thermostat each time I came by. Tuesday, they called me to say the heater was out in my mom’s room and they were moving her to another vacant room. Jordyn and I helped move the bed, some chairs and some clothing to get her by, for a few days. It has all been confusing to her. I understand stuff happens, but her heat broke last year and she went without for several days.

Thanksgiving morning the nursing home called to say the housekeeper had found my mom on the floor. She was fine, no injuries, but I feel she was confused going between the new room and her old room. I am thankful she was okay.

I just hate anything that troubles my mother.

Lauren and Jo having breakfast

Part of our chores was to get the truck inspected. There is only one spot in town that does state inspections. So we anticipated a little wait on the last day of the month. We picked up some breakfast and headed to the gas station. The truck passed inspection and we had a great time. Building memories, one glamorous moment after another!

Thanksgiving was spent at Ally’s. Luke and she did a great job on dinner. All of us, had many things to be grateful for and Jordyn led us as we went around the table saying what they were. Family was high on all of our lists. Although Jordyn had Snowboy first on her list. Priorities!

The horses have been in their stalls pretty much non-stop for the last several cold, rainy days. Feather has completed her last show this year, so down time is fine, except for the 57 times a day we get to clean the stalls. We are trying to get Bruno started on his show career. However, while he used to load like a champ, I think he associates the trailer with going to the vet, and it is causing reluctance on his part to load now. Our trainer friend, Sarah, is coming tomorrow to work with us and Bruno to come to an understanding about loading in the trailer. If we get over that hurdle, Bruno will be headed to a lesson Sunday. Wow, I bet that will be something to see! Bruno, in a new place after being in his stall for two weeks. I vote that Dev rides him first!

Hope your holiday was warm and happy! Thanks! For riding along and being a part of our journey.

Snowboy getting out for a little break

3 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Hope your Mom is okay from the fall and that she gets back to familiar surroundings soon. This is NOT the time of year for broken furnaces, though if it’s broken in the summer, who would know? Glad you had quality family time and made many memories.

  2. I am glad your mom did not suffer any breaks. Hopefully, her furnace will be fixed by the end of this weekend so she can get back to familiar surroundings. It is impossible for alzheimer patients to adapt to any changes. Any change, no matter how small, literally turns them and their world upside down. It is not uncommon for falls to take place due to a change in the persons routine. Your mom was truly blessed that her hip wasn’t broken and that she didn’t hit her head.

    Eventhough your mom is limited from alzheimers, you are very fortunate to still have your mom. Don’t ever take that for granted. Many people such as myself don’t know their mom nor any other family.

    I hope you and your family have a happy, safe, and blessed Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years.

    • You are so right. I feel the nursing home is not taking this seriously enough. Today we found her in the dark, in her bathroom, at her “old” room. I lost my sister early on and know how important each minute is. Still, thank you for reminding me. I am indeed blessed. Happiest holidays to you as well.

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