And the Lesson Goes to…

Sarah giving Lauren tips on getting respect from the big horse

Sarah, who used to run the horse rescue that Mick, Snow and Kid came from, and is my go-to for starting my young horses or problem horses, accepted my invitation to come help work on Bruno’s loading into the trailer. When he came to us Bruno loaded well. I suspect that the series of trailer rides, all ending in pain at the vet, have soured him on loading.

Sarah helped us with frightened, spooky Feather. She trains with positive reinforcement and tough love. She does not put up with any disrespect. She worked with Bruno and with Lauren, whom she claimed was not standing up to Bruno. All those months of babying him through his hoof issue have not boded well with being the boss mare now.

Sarah got Bruno loading consistently. He was not extremely happy in the trailer but Lauren loaded him multiple times. We will continue with our homework and hope to see Bruno happily loading.

Tomorrow Lauren has a lesson with Dev. In a light bulb moment, we both realized we could bring any horse to the lesson. Feather has finished for the season. She could use the work, but we do not have to take her.

Feather says of course, I am going to the lesson! I am the show horse

Bruno could go. It would be good to focus on him, really ready to go for the first time since he came to us. Plus, I really believe he will load happily in the trailer.

Bru says bring it on, I am ready to go

Or since Mickey is finally sound after five weeks off work, it would be fun to take him. It would be way easier on Lauren to bring Mickey. Or so she thinks!


Mickey sticks his tongue out, nanny boo boo, no way she would pick me-free pasture day

And don’t forget, a really fun day could be had on Snowboy!


Tune in tomorrow to see who Lauren picks to be her Sunday ride!

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