Don’t know what to say – Lenten writing #29

It has taken me 29 days but I have to say today I have nothing new to say. My creative juices seem to be ground to a halt.

So, I guess I’ll just give some updates on what is happening here. 

I got some pictures from the trainer where Betty Sue is and I am pleased and proud to see the progress they have made in just two weeks. She’s walk, trot, cantering, halting, backing up and turning on the haunches. It’s not all real smooth and wonderful but for two weeks I’ll take it.

Lauren leaves tomorrow for her trip to Omaha as the precursor for the World Cup which will be held there. Really exciting times for her and her friend Caitlyn. It would be amazing to see an American win the World Cup.  It was done by the stallion Flexible a few years ago. And he is the father of our baby to be. 😊

I was reading through the information on the horses coming to the World Cup. According to the literature I was reading there is only one horse out of all of those coming from around the world that was actually bred and born in the United States. Doesn’t say much about our breeding programs here I am afraid. 
The horses were German, Dutch, French, or from Belgium.  There was also one Irish sport horse. I found that very interesting-the World Cup is really more like the European Cup in terms of the horses.  The riders are coming from all over the world but the horses, at least by their breeding, are not.

Next, the dog that we agreed to foster, that we have named Canon, went off to be neutered. I hope that helps him focus on things other than what the average teen-aged boy is interested in as Kona (yes, he is a boy) is sick of Canon’s affections. And I really hope someone sees my post and wants to adopt him.

Canon hanging with his poodle friends

So this is your Tuesday night update.
As always, thanks for riding along.

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