Stormy Send Off-Lenten Writing #30

Ugly, black sky above Houston

Today as 10 AM rolled around, the skies darkened and the severe weather catapulted away from the south on into Houston. For the second time this year our alarm system at work went off telling us to immediately seek shelter.  That was frightening in itself plus we were a little jammed as the group took shelter in a small file room.
Another day of the tornadoes in the south and this was one heckuva storm. From my purview on the 12th floor I looked out to blinding sheets of rain. The noise against my window made me realize that some hail was coming down at least on the 12th floor windows. 

Today, of course, would be the day that Lauren left to go to Omaha. So not only was I concerned about the horses being where they needed to be (and who was going to clean up after them) but I was worried about her making the long drive to the airport. Then, of course, there was the concern about weather delays but like most things, the weather slammed Houston and its surrounding suburbs pretty quickly. 

The rain gauge shows we got just over an inch of water.

By midafternoon the sky was showing blue and the sun was streaking through. Fortunately, Ally was poised to go over and get the horses back out and clean their stalls before they come in tonight. Don’t know what I would do without my daughters!

Blue, beautiful sky adds a backdrop to the budding tree this evening

For the next few days I will be a single rancher again. But there are pieces of that that I really enjoy. I love rounding the corner in the morning before any light is apparent in the sky, and hearing Snowboy whinnying at me. He is always the first to call out to me. 

The big, red colt headed straight for the mud and took a nice, long roll

Sims, at 10 months of age now, has developed this very low whinny. Nothing like his babytime voice. He must be going through some teenage years and his voice is changing. How crazy is that?

And on the mare side of the pasture it is always Nova who is first in line to come in due to her dominance over her herd of girls. Feather is holding the #2 spot in that pasture. 

I also enjoy seeing my barn cats Meg and Paisley. They are at the gate not so patiently waiting for their breakfast. They disappear quickly after breakfast, hiding up in the loft portions of the barn. This way they stay safe from the dogs. And my fit bit certainly shows improvement on my exercise numbers when I’m out doing all these additional chores. 
So, I’m gonna sit back and enjoy my evening with my animals and be thankful the storms have passed. Lauren has gotten out on her flight and is headed to Omaha.

Any of you out there and I know there’s at least one, that have information on what to see and where to eat in Omaha please forward them onto me. The girls would love to have that information and try some new things.

As always, thanks for riding along.  

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