Jail-Lenten Writing #28

Every morning on my way to work I drive by the county jail. It never fails to make me reflect upon how I am free. Now, I totally get there are people in jail that need to be there (and I am grateful they are). But I also know without my family, my support system, my friends, my access to education, the way I was brought up, or some really bad luck, who knows, but I could be there too.

I don’t know what it looks like inside there and I hope I never find out. One time when I was in Florida, we did a tour of all these different facilities in the county. It was a Chamber of Commerce kind of deal. They were super proud of their new County Jail. It terrified me even to just walk through where the inmates were.  
My contact popped out of my eye when we were being toured through the inmate holding cells. I had to bend down to pick it up from the floor. It was a horrifying experience (I had watched one too many  Lifetime Channel  movies). The inmates started catcalls and banging on their cells. On the tour with me was an Air Force officer from the nearby base. He shot a look at the inmates and helped get my contact from the floor.  I’m sure this incident has been exaggerated in my mind in the years that have passed. Still!

Jail was a terrifying experience and I was just visiting. 

Today,  I just want to reflect on the fact that I am free. I get to make my own decisions (for the most part). I get to go where I want, eat what I want (in spite of it being bad for me) and live the life I choose.

We can all get frustrated with our situation and feel like we have no way out or have no choices but if we’re not behind locked bars, we do. Sometimes we just need to take action. Driving by the jail is a good reminder for me.

As always, thanks for riding along. 

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