Horse show days – Lenten writing #27

Jordyn, Kendyll and poodle Kai in the stands overlooking Lauren’s jump course for today

It has been a long time since I have been to a horse show. Lauren has been showing throughout the country and not at home. But this week as Pin Oak started it’s Charity horse show, I spent all weekend there, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Ally has been able to go with me on two of the days. My granddaughters, Kendyll and Jordyn, picked out special horse show outfits for their first day at the show. Jordyn was sporting a white ball cap with the logo “Pony Island” on it. The much coveted hat was a gift from Aunt Lauren depicting the pony show ring at WEF. 
Show days are always special days, looking at the shops, catching up with riding friends and checking out who had new horses. Lauren had good rides this weekend. Some tough competition, challenging course designs and just getting used to this new meter 1.20 height kept her just out of the ribbons with the exception of her Friday sixth place. 
We were all a little more relaxed today. This week’s show was coming to an end and some people were already packing up and leaving. Many will stay on for the next three weeks. 
Lauren will not show next week because she’s headed to the World Cup in Omaha. I bet all the Europeans that are coming in for that show will wonder why Omaha?That is a discussion for another day. 

Kona jumping a clear round

As we waited between classes Jordyn and Kendyll found some kid size jumps to play with. They enjoyed making Kona jump over them, back-and-forth. We were keeping our eyes on the ring watching the progress when we happened to glance over and see that Kendyll and Jordyn had met new friends.

While we watched the action in the ring, the girls set up jump courses and followed one another through it.   My friend commented about girls sitting and talking in a circle of their own design. “This is where dreams start!” She said. 
Indeed. I am very blessed that my family and I have special people in our lives-those people that love and support all us.  

Bravo Lauren and Your TKO teammates. Week One Pin Oak Charity Horseshow is a wrap. 
As always, thanks for riding along. 

2 thoughts on “Horse show days – Lenten writing #27

  1. Omaha! My hometown and until three years ago, where I grew up and raised my kids! Omaha, home to The College World Series, Boys and Girls Town (great museum on-site), Warren Buffett, The Old Market area, a pedestrian bridge that spans the Missouri River and connects NE and Iowa. The Olympic Swim Trails and the Women’s National Championship Volleyball tournament have all be held here, so happy the World Cup will be there too! Be sure and eat a Runza and stop by Aksarben (Nebraska spelled backwards) – the former racetrack turned University/Retail/commercial area.

    • Wow-lots of good reason to go to Omaha!! My daughter and her best friend will be there so I will pass along the information on where to eat and what to do. Although, I never need to encourage my daughter to shop!

      Glad you are still reading along!

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