Rescue dog – Lenten writing # 24

Look at Canon smile!

This young man, approximately nine months old, showed up at my trainer’s house the other day. People like to dump them off in the country and I guess that’s what happened. He is not pitifully thin nor does he look abused. 

Nancy brought him over to me at lesson time yesterday. Her dog was taking issue with the newcomer. I told her I’d give it a shot, volunteering to foster him and see if we could find someone to take him. Hint, hint anyone out there?

Looks like Canon is photobombing a magazine shot of some poodles

It is unclear, although it might be worthy of a DNA test, what exactly this dog is. His head is the size of a cannonball thus his name (although he is being super trendy and spelling it like the camera). The size of his head makes me question if he might have mastiff breeding.  His head is certainly bigger than any pitbull or boxer I have ever seen.He is brindled with black and brown but he has the spots of a pointer or a setter.
While he is extremely good natured and even kind, he definitely needs to be neutered to become a little more polite in mixed company. He is super good about staying with you when you were out on the property.  Nancy tried to ditch him a couple of times (when he first showed up on her property) and he walked all the way around and came back down her driveway to find her. He is also good with the horses and stock not chasing them or barking at them.

Canon is way too big to be a lapdog and yet he tries

Lauren seems to like him

Nancy will see to his neutering, shots and any other medical issues on Tuesday.

I took him with me to Pin Oak today. Wow, what a work out. He is so strong and so untrained.  I should’ve configured some kind of sandwich board sign that said “I’m for adoption”. But he did behave himself well especially not barking at the horses when they were jumping.
Actually, except for pulling my arm off dragging me around the equestrian center, he did very well.  He just needs to go to obedience training and learn to listen.

Please think about any one that might want a new dog, an additional dog or a really trusty companion. I would really like to get him placed.  I have five dogs and a youngster like this is too many. Pass this along. 
Thanks as always, for riding along. 

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