Pin Oak Debut and a Rescue Dog, too-Lenten Writing #23

Kona at the horse show

For the first time this year I actually got to be in the same state as my daughter so I could watch her ride!  

And it was time for them to try new heights. Certainly, Ky has been in the ring before at this height but Lauren never had. And what better place to try it all out then Pin Oak? (I am being factitious-seems like Pin Oak is the last place you would want to try this).

As Ally and I sat in the stands with Kona waiting for Lauren to make her trip,  you couldn’t help but notice all the pageantry that goes into this show. Literally hundreds of real plants surround of the jumps. They were making an effort at some toparies  and the ones of the giant bunnies scared Kona to death. I can’t even imagine what the horses were thinking of the half green half gray giant topiary horses at the end of the ring. 

But for the most part the field of horses coming in did a good job. Ally was surprised at the number that was having trouble with the course. Either refusing to jump or pulling the rails when they did. 

But it is early in the season (for some) just March and a lot of horses haven’t had much time out yet. I was super impressed with the young horses that were jumping quite high this early in the year.  It is our hope that Betty Sue will make this group of elite young jumpers. She has a half-sister who is doing very well in the same field. There certainly is a lot between the sound in the stands, the announcer, and the busy, busy jumps for a young horse or any horse to be frightened of here. 

Anyway, today in Lauren’s class she was clear in her first round. This would let her to move ahead and participate in the jump off. The pair placed sixth overall. Her teammate Sarah, rode very well too, and ended up third overall in the class. It was a good day for TKO Sport Horses. 

I was thrilled to watch Lauren so professionally guide Ky through the jumps. While I am always nervous watching her I wasn’t as bad as usual. She certainly has grown into a commanding athlete. I can see the months of hard work she has put in paying off. 

I thought it was a Pretty Great day for Pin Oak, jumping higher than she ever had against other seasoned riders. 

Lauren’s caption above

As always thanks for riding along!
By the way, I have a bird-dog/something with the giant head dog, that I need to get adopted if anyone knows someone interested. Nine-month-old male very cute, very sweet.

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