One of those days-Lenten writing #15

The day really started out OK. I had to see the doctor today and I was fasting for a long time before my appointment this afternoon. Did not put me in the best of moods. Seeing the doctor these days is an oddly challenging event.  I want to listen to her words of advice yet so much of me rebelles against what I am being told. I cannot control my body and the way it functions and that makes me insane.

New doses of medication were prescribed which will result in another few weeks of trials and side effects, all so we can move it around some more. Never will the condition/disease be perfectly handled. It becomes a question of which is worse the side effects, the drug or condition/disease. I once heard a doctor I worked for describe this process to a patient as the tail is wagging the dog. I know you have all had similar frustrations.

Today we’re just going to go with something simple like prayers for some of my dear, dear friends who recently, heart shatteringly, lost their baby horses. One at two years of age in a ridiculous yet fatal accident (ridiculous in that things like this should not happen). And another baby foal who never got up once it had been born. 

I am so sorry for them. I know in many ways these are first world problems. But the heartbreaks nonetheless.

So I’m going to leave us with this picture of hopeful inspiration.

And I will hang out with my girl Izzy who provides comfort to me as another day ends. 

Thanks for riding along.

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