Give blood!-Lenten Writing #14

Caitlyn soaring to new heights on Camero

In how many ways do you give blood?  Not necessarily in the purest sense of donating blood but by giving so much of yourself to the success of a project that you feel you have just donated a pint.  You walk away a wee bit woozy and more than a little bit drained.

My documentation of giving blood (the real red kind) is long.  Actually, today I updated my phone number while donating blood and it was my phone number from when I lived in Florida-at least 17 years ago.  Being part of the health care world for so long, giving blood was an important gift we were really all expected to give.  I have never stopped.

But this blog today is more about the life altering projects, the horses you take from babies to Grand Prixes and all of those grand passions which drive you forward in life.  It is about that thing that you do that maybe hard, so difficult, but makes a big difference either for you or for others. 
So today not a long blog just a reminder that there are so many ways that we give blood every day or throughout our lives. And no matter if your project is getting fit enough to run a marathon, soaring your horse over new heights, or just promoting the best in every person you meet, give blood.

And while you’re at it donate some blood too!  

As always, thanks for riding along. 

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