Presents- Lenten writing #16

I got new presents to share with my horse Nova who is officially registered as Investment Art by Indian ArtifactXArtful Move out of Stone Heart Tivio. 

I’ve talked about my goals in dressage a lot. But not unlike the shoemakers kids who have no shoes -I spend a lot of money on horse gear but it is not typically for my horse. I got the lovely gift of a beautiful leather halter and a very nice dressage pad both with Investment Art on them.  

Today was the first day that I was able to try out my present on Nova. I have to say that they looked pretty awesome. The halter fit perfectly and the pad was great.

On top of that Jordyn and I had a semi-private lesson with our instructor Nancy. And for the very first time Jordyn was able to ride along with me at the canter. Not only was she able to hold her canter well and is improving her hands, she also managed to successfully take part in a couple of our cantering leg yielding exercises. 

What fun it was to have both of us doing the exact same things in the lesson. And how much Jordyn has grown as a rider. I still have way more to learn as does she. 

A good night on the farm. That is a gift as well. 

Thanks for riding along. 

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