Kendyll dresses the part


Fifteen month old Kendyll sporting her first jodhpurs and paddock boots.


Yesterday, I got home from the assisted living facility to find Ally and the girls over at the barn.  Lauren was tacking up Feather and Jordyn was working on Snow.  But the big surprise was when I saw baby Kendyll dressed in Jordyn’s old riding pants and first paddock boots.  She was absolutely adorable as a tiny little equestrian.  Maybe because her diaper took up so much room, her little jodhpurs were tight and she was walking really bow legged for someone who had never spent much time in the saddle.



Mickey was taking a little after dinner nap and welcomed Jo and Kendyll into his stall.  Ken was having the best time.  She is trying to say every word she hears and has quite a big vocabulary for such a little one.  Kendyll loves the horses, dog-dogs and the kitties.  When we got to the arena, Lauren set her up on Feather.  Each time she set her back on the ground, her tiny arms were immediately stretching up to aunt Lauren for another ride.  

I guess we all might as well get used to having another rider join the family.  After all she has the clothes for it!

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