I have not posted in a couple days, not because I have had nothing to say but because I have been too busy to say it. First, who is Esther?


Well, yesterday leaving the nursing home after visiting mom, fixing up her new bed frame and headboard, we passed some apartments. We had gotten the much anticipated cold front and rain early Sunday morning. Lauren exclaimed as we passed the apartment parking lot that a dog and a little kitten were huddling on the pavement. I told her to go back.

So, she turned the truck around and parked. I went after the kitten. A terrier mix dog evidently nursing some pups somewhere was keeping an eye on the tiny kitten. I asked a teen texting on the stairs if she knew if the animals belonged to anyone. She thought the dog lived across the street but thought the kitten was a stray.

I went into the Cindy rescues animal mode. I talked softly to the kitten who was wet and shivering. The kitten ran under a parked car. I eased my way around the car waiting for someone in the apartments above to yell at me to get away from their car. Lauren rolled the windows up on the truck and ignored me.

I got down on the wet concrete and attempted to snatch up the kitten. The kitten moved further under the car. I moved to the other side. I tried the talk softly thing again. The momma dog came to me. The kitten meowed at me from behind the tire. I crawled around on my hands and knees, still waiting for someone to accuse me of trying to steal their rims. Kitten ran to another tire.

I stood up and shrugged my shoulders at Lauren (still in truck nice and dry). The kitten came back out in the sun, standing near me, meowing loudly. I went for the snatch again. The kitten was faster and under the car. Again! We played this game for awhile. I crawled around some more. I watched for squad cars. I listened for a gun being cocked.

I tried to reach through the fancy rims. I failed. Kitten changed tire position again. I got up and shrugged at Lauren. She ignored me.

Okay, so you get the idea. Old lady is crawling around parked cars in now wet clothes followed anxiously by a little terrier while seemingly talking to myself. Very odd. Finally, I decided to make a deal with God. “If you want me to take care of this kitten, you let me catch her!” I reached from behind the tire (I know, super tricky!) and grabbed the little cat.

Thankfully she came did not claw my eyes out. In fact, she settled into my favorite sweatshirt and proceeded to poop and purr. Good times. Lauren threatened my life for smelling up the truck with the delicious sensation of wet, poopy cat.


After a warm bath in the sink, a blow dry and some ointment it was determined the kitten is a boy, who Lauren still insisted on calling Esther. Today the vet said Esther is fine except for multiple strains of worms and ear mites. He will be just fine. Welcome baby Esther! We needed another animal.


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